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My Friends Grandma

Brittni Leach, AZ, USA
February 2003

This experience is not my own but it happened to my brother when he was 10 (he is now 15).

My brothers name is Brent*.He was playing hide-and-seek with his two other friends Seb* and David*.They were at Sebs house and they weren't supposed to go outside. It was Brents turn to count so he went into a room and started counting.When he was done he went out and started looking for them.

They had gone out of the house, so Brent was in there all alone. When he was walking down the hall he heard something in the guest bedroom. He went into the room and saw the closet door open a little then shut really fast. He knew that someone was in there, so he went to check it out.

When he got closer to the closet it started shaking frantically and then stopped suddenly. He knew for sure that someone was in there now but when he opened it there wasn't anyone there. This really freaked him out and he ran out of the house as fast as he could. When he got out he found his friends and told them what happened. Seb then told him that that was the room that his grandma died in.

My brother says that he never went back into that house and he still won't to this day.

(* not real name)

Well thanks for reading, even though it wasn't that good.

Brittni Leach, AZ, USA
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