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My Ghost D

Laura, NSW, Australia
April 2000

I have wanted to share my story(s) on this site for a long time, but until now I just haven't gotten around to typing them up due to school (HSC year). I have so many experiences to share, but I will share my most recent experience for now.

Since I was three I have been able to see ghosts, although I can't see them now, as I don't wish to. I still sense them though. I guess it's nothing to be scared about but it becomes a lot to handle at times. It's hard to explain, but all the different energies, and emotions, I really can't explain, hopefully there are other people out there who understand what I'm trying to communicate?

Well I have lived at Wentworth falls in the Blue Mtns, for five years now with my parents and two younger brothers. We built our house on a block of land, so coming from a previously haunted house in Sydney, convinced myself that a "new" house couldn't possibly be haunted. I soon discovered this not to be the case.

To begin with, I will share a bit about this block of land history, which I have only recently discovered. In the early 1900s this block was part of the land owned by this lady whom ran this weekend home. I guess you could call it, as it wasn't an orphanage, but it was a place where orphaned children (3-19) would come and visit for a holiday. This block was they're playground, there was a carousel, swings, and a lot of other play equipment. Then, in later years it was turned into a pub, the land left bare, and then a family home.

Anyway, my mother whom is also a sensitive like myself was up late watching a movie on TV and she saw a young man peering through the window one night. She thought that it was nothing, and did not tell me until several months later when I shared my own experience with her.

One night, I was rushing all about the house, getting my equipment together for a school camp. I rushed into my parents bedroom and there, visible, was a man about 19 years of age, dressed in colonial style (whether it actually was Colonial I do not know, but that's what it appeared to be). I had fifty fits, and thought perhaps that someone had broken in, about to scream out to my parents, I looked back and he was gone. I searched behind the curtains, in the bathroom, nothing.

I told my mother the following day, and told her what he looked like, she then told me about the man who she had seen that night, and it was the same man, in the same clothes.

Several months passed and nothing else happened, I felt I was being watched continuously, at times I would see shadows out of the corner of my eye, hear footsteps, things that I was already accustomed to.

Then, recently these feelings became a lot more intense and I even smelt a man's cologne, my mother told me that she smelt a wet, mouldy smell.

Anyway, one night I retired early to bed and in the early hours of the morning I had a very vivid dream. Even now, I find it hard to except that it was actually a dream, I still don't know whether it was or not. But in this dream, I felt everything, smelt everything, it was unbelievable. Anyway, in this dream I was asleep, but I felt somebody enter my room then stand at my side. Then, I felt somebody stroke my hair gently and then sit on my bed, beside my head. I looked up, and I couldn't physically see anyone, but mentally, I saw the man whom I had seen in my parents' bedroom the previous year. He told me not to be scared, that he was the ghost in my house, he repeated endless times that he was sorry, that he was sorry for leaving me alone. He then told me how he had died, but that I could not reveal his tragedy to anyone else (I do not know why), but I knew, and sensed it earlier, that he had died out at sea. He told me he loved me, then left.

It took me awhile before I got the courage to discuss my dream with my mother. I knew I would probably sound crazy, so I didn't discuss it with anyone else, I probably do sound crazy. Before I had even told her about my ghost, mum told me that both herself and dad had heard somebody that night walk from their bedroom into mine. I couldn't believe it; I sat in silence for awhile then told her about my dream. Mum to was shocked.

A while passed, and I felt him still around, watching over me-then not so long ago, I was awoken in the middle of the night by the ghost. Thinking that it was my younger brother James shaking me awake, I told him to go away. Again I was shaken awake, this time, as I was furious but also very tired, got up. To my utter surprise, my ghost was there (I do not know him name. I only know that his name starts with the letter D). I sat up for sometime talking to him about old times (it was very strange. I was also not in my room, but in my mind I was elsewhere in another house with other people. I know this is hard to picture, and hard for me to explain, but this was NOT a dream, I was in some sort of a trance I guess best explains it) he told me that he had come to say goodbye. That he could see now that I was all right and that he felt a lot better now that he had told me how he had died and that he had apologized for leaving me without saying goodbye. I told him that I would switch on a light so he would not fall on his way out, switching on my light he was gone. I was sitting, alone on my bed?

The following morning my father asked me why I was talking last night and whom was I talking to. I looked surprised as my dad (who is a total sceptic, even though he has had his share of experiences, still denies the truth) usually sleeps like a log, he also said that I was laughing (which I was) and having a full conversation as though someone else was there. He didn't get up and look to see if there was he fell back asleep. I told mum about that night, and she was again shocked.

And since that last night, when my ghost said that he was now leaving I have not felt, seen, smelt or heard from him since.

Anyway so that is my most recent experience. I will (hopefully) get other chances like tonight when I have s bit of spare time so that I can post more of my experiences, as I would like to share them all. I'll now leave my story with all of you, thank you for listening, whether you believe me or not, that is your belief. But I assure you, this happened! Even now I feel as though I'm being watched and the experiences are still vivid as though they only just happened

Laura, NSW, Australia
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