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My Ghostly Experiences (1)

Andrew, NSW, Australia
November 2007

This story is really just a collection of isolated incidents that occurred at my house throughout the years.

I am currently thirteen years old and visit Castle of Spirits on a regular basis (almost every day).
Some incidents happened to a friend or family member, but most of them are my own experience.

I will go in chronological order.

This particular incident happened to my father and my grandmother almost 30 years ago.

My dad and his mother moved around a lot, and my dad's father and mother came together and split up a number of times over the years. This time, my dad and his mother were living alone together. It was early in the morning, and my dad was half- asleep. He was woken due to an unknown reason (although I think I can guess), and when he did wake up, a man was standing at the foot of his bed. The only description my father gave me was that this man looked like his father, and, being half-asleep, he was unable to tell the difference. He asked the figure "where are you going, dad?" because the man was dressed in fishing gear. The man just turned around and left the room silently.

My Nan had an experience that very same morning, woken up by the bed shaking violently. My Nan told thin air to go away, and the shaking stopped. Seconds later, the sheets were ripped of the bed. My Nan fixed them, but they were ripped off again. This time my Nan grabbed the sheets and held on for dear life, and screamed for whatever it was to go away. It did.

My next experience happened a year after we moved into the house I live in now when I was 7. I have two sisters and my parents are together. Just before we had moved into this house, my parents' cat Chubbsy had died. Well, one year later, my sister found a postcard in the linen closet (now how did that get there?) with a picture on the back that looked exactly like dear old Chubbsy. My sister kept this under her pillow as a sort of talisman, and then thought nothing off it. That night, she heard sounds like a cat, meowing and purring. This freaked her out and she eventually went back to sleep.

The next day she picked up the postcard and put in my other sisters room.

That night, my sister who now had the postcard woke up and felt a presence on her bed, followed by the feeling like a cat's tail when it rubs past you. Now, this sister screamed and threw the postcard out of her room and slammed the door. After hearing these two stories, I had enough brains to not accept the postcard. I would send the postcard into Castle of Spirits, but I am unable to locate it.

My next and final experience is really just a generic series of events.

When you are in my sister's room alone, you can see, hear and physically feel the wardrobe door shaking being pushed from the inside. When I am home alone, I have heard heavy footsteps upstairs, stomping around and making a ruckus. Sometimes, they will proceed down the stairs in an orderly fashion. This is not normal creaking this is something...else. Just as the footsteps reach the bottom of the stairs, someone will knock on the front door. It seems the presence is able to detect when somebody is about to arrive.

I do not believe that the presence in my house is a malevolent one, just a bit of a joker.

My cat died recently, and despite the unsettling experiences I have had with the other side, I would actually appreciate being able to see him again.

Thank you for reading my short story. I look forward to having more experiences and posting them on Castle of Spirits.
"Never be afraid of the dead. It's the living you should be in fear of." - Margaret, My Nanna.

Andrew, NSW, Australia
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