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My Ghostly Experiences (2)

Anonymous, MO, USA
October 2015

Ever since I was about 6 years old I’ve been dealing with spirits,ghosts,and some may even be poltergeists. I’m 25 years old now and it still is happening. Everywhere I go I always seem to attract them for whatever reason.

My parents got divorced when I was 5 and my mom and I moved to a new house.Before this I never had experienced anything.Well things started getting pretty bad. My mom had become completely strung out on drugs and drinking a lot. I became very sad and depressed because I couldn’t understand at the time why she was doing all those things.

Well from day one I knew I didn’t like that house,it made me physically ill. Just the whole place,even the property. The worst part was the basement. There was a bathroom down there and I really didn’t like it. There was just something about it scared me to death. Everywhere you went in that house it just felt like something evil was watching you.

When we first moved in the person that sold us the house said no one would stay there because it had bad plumbing...well that was a complete lie. It didn’t take very long for what I was feeling deep in my gut to start happening, I knew something was there.

I remember the first thing that happened, I wouldn’t sleep in my room by myself.So I slept in my mom’s room all the time because I was scared out of my mind. Well one night I was lying in bed trying to sleep when I heard a noise, I rolled over and looked out the bedroom door, we kept it opened at the time with a nightlight in the hallway. When I rolled over and looked I saw 3 black shadows walk by the hallway wall.I wasn’t dreaming, wasn’t imagining this. I saw them clear as day. I could tell they were in the shape of humans but just black shadow figures. I was just frozen in fear. I tried to brush it off and ignore it.

A few days later I was watching TV and the channels started changing on their own. I had just gotten a new kitten around this time and she was sitting right next to me when this happened and I all of a sudden felt this presence walk into the room. I got chills all over and became extremely frightened and my kitten looked right up above me and all her fur stood straight up, her ears went back and she started growling and hissing. I know animals are very sensitive to the paranormal and can see what the average human can’t see. So clearly something was there.

Then we started noticing things started to get moved around...we would put something somewhere and then the next minute it would be gone. Then we started sleeping with the bedroom door closed and locked, well that’s when they started banging on the door. I mean really banging on it with force. They even moved the door knob a few times. We would get so scared that we would literally get up in the middle of the night and leave and go stay with my grandparents which they didn’t believe a word of what we were saying and thought we were both crazy for believing in this stuff. They’re very religious and don’t share those beliefs.

This is where it gets really creepy. One day I had just come back from the park, it was a fall day and it was kind of cold out that day so we had no windows opened...nothing. I was walking back to my room and I had to pass my bathroom before I got to my room and as soon as I walked by the bathroom I heard clear as day a little girl laughing. Just like you would hear an actual person was no different. I just couldn’t see her. My mom heard it too, she thought it was me but it clearly wasn’t.

So all this stuff just kept happening, night after night. It was clear that whatever was there didn’t want us there. I knew the little girl wasn’t evil, I felt as if she was being held there by someone.

Well the last straw was when one day I woke up and went to the kitchen to get something to eat and noticed that there was a trail of blood coming from the back door, so I followed went all the way from the back door into my living room, down the stairs into the basement and when I got down there, there were huge puddles of blood. Now we had a dog and a kitten so I checked to see if they had any injuries on them but they didn’t and if they had lost that much blood they would probably be dead because this was a massive amount. We decided we couldn’t stay there anymore. We were terrified all the time. It just wasn’t worth it. You shouldn’t have to be scared to live in your own home. So we moved.

Years later I finally found out what had happened there. I had a friend of mine do a background check on the property. In the 1950’s there was a different house there but they tore it down and built the one I lived in over it. They tore it down because no one wanted to live there because there was a triple murder suicide that had happened. A man shot and killed his wife, his 8 year old daughter, and then himself. So I believe that they were still there, thinking that was their house still. I believe the man was the one that did most of the terrorizing. He was obviously a very sick individual in life so in death that doesn’t change anything, he was still an evil man. I think that he was one of the black shadows I saw, he was the presence I always felt watching me that terrified me to my very soul, he was the one banging on our doors. I feel he was keeping the little girl there and I think she was scared and wanted to leave. That’s the vibe I got at least. I was very glad to finally find out this information because it had been bothering me for years. I still to this day have nightmares about it.

Now I know that this was a very long story but I have more. I’ve had many,many experiences over the years. I believe that I definitely attract them.

I moved into an apartment with my boyfriend last summer and again, I didn’t like the vibe. Especially one room, it was the master bedroom. It scared me...again, it always felt like something was watching me. He didn’t believe any of this but I told him something was there. These apartments were very old and on top of that they were right across the street from a funeral home. And as soon as we moved in, things started happening...I would hear footsteps walking around and the floor would creak.

I was once in the bathroom getting ready and I had the door closed and I just heard a big loud bang on the bathroom closet. I jumped, it scared me so bad.

One night we were trying to sleep and heard something walking around out in the hallway and then something dropped in the kitchen. My boyfriend got up to check but there was nothing on the floor. I was once sitting there just watching TV and a candle flew off our fire place all by itself. I would get extremely depressed out of nowhere and sometimes get very angry for no reason...I know it was their energy rubbing off on me. They knew how sensitive I was because like I said earlier, I just attract them. There’s something about me.

I just didn’t feel like I could stay there anymore so I moved back home. Well something followed me again because ever since I moved back,I’ve been having strange things happen again. I was sleeping one night and something punched my bed from underneath. It was so hard that my bed physically came up off the floor. I heard something growl, and on another occasion it sounded like something whispered my name...something tapped on my knocked on it 3 times in a row. I don’t know why I’ve had all this stuff happen. But it never stops.

I have many other stories but I won’t bore you with all the rest. Just want people to know that this stuff is very real and people need to be aware that it’s not just make believe and some can be very dangerous. I hope this helped at least one person that’s going through this or if anyone has gone through the same thing then they know they’re not alone.

Anonymous, MO, USA
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