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My Grandfather (2)

Anonymous, MD, USA
October 2012

My grandfather passed away about 8 years ago. He was just shy of 90 and died standing up. My then fiancé, who I am still happily married to, came with me for moral support to my grandfather's funeral.

Afterwards, all the cousins got together for dinner at my grandmother's house. She still spoke to my grandfather as if he were there sitting with us. You could feel his presence. There had been some discussion of my wife wearing my grandmother's wedding dress which dated back to the early 30s, I was prevented from seeing it and was told to go outside into the court yard. It was winter and very cold out, so I sat down and grabbed a beer from a crate that was just outside the door.

I saw something out of the corner of my eye, and turned to look. For a few seconds, I saw him in his regular get up of a maroon V-neck sweater and grey slacks. I had a calming feeling about his visit, it was as if he was saying good bye to me. He just stood there and smiled and then he was gone.

Anonymous, MD, USA
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