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My Grandfather and My Uncle

September 2004

The following stories are not to frighten, but rather to let people know that not all ghosts and spirits are malevolent or harmful.

My Grandfather

This is my mother's experience as told to me.

My birthday is coming soon this month (September :>) and I remember this story because my mother has told it to few people since after I was born, especially me.

My mother is the baby of her family, second daughter to her parents, with 3 older brothers and 1 older sister.

When my mother was growing up, she was close to all her siblings and her parents. When my Grandfather passed, in November, my mother was devastated. She was supposed to get married in 2 months and her father was to walk her down the aisle.

It was a rough time for my mother, she always heard his walk, the way he shuffled his feet with his slippers. The way he coughed, she could never forget that.

Well a year later she gets married, (her older brother walked her down the aisle on January 9, 1982) and a year later conceives me and has me in September 1983. In November 1983, my mother is asleep (she has never been a heavy sleeper) beside my father and me in the crib in their room, when my mother hears his (my Grandfather's) walk. She feels the foot of her bed sink a little, like someone just sat down and looks over to see my Grandfather looking into my crib while I'm sleeping and he is smiling at me and my mother.

My mother freaked out a bit, and told him calmly, "Daddy, I know you mean no harm, and I know you want to see your granddaughter, but I am scared". And with that, her balcony doors opened slowly, her drapes flew inward (as if a gust of wind blew in) and then he was gone and the balcony doors closed quietly.

Believe what you will, but I know my mother wouldn't lie about something so sensitive to her, she regrets some that she told her father she was scared, he hasn't returned since that night in November.


My Uncle

This is my experience

This is another story, from my mother's side of the family, which happened to me.

When I was about 8 years old my mother's brother (my favorite Uncle) became very ill with bladder cancer. He died when I was 9, it's been about 12 years now and I still remember this like it was yesterday.

After my uncle passed, I was very hurt. I was always close to him and he always told my mother that I was his favorite niece.

Well anyway after he passed and the wake and burial were over with, I began having these weird dreams that the kitchen cabinets would open and close on their own, but there was a presence in these dreams and I knew for some odd reason that it was my uncle.

Well one morning, about a week and a half after these dreams started I had gotten up to get a drink and relieve my bladder I walk out of my room and into the kitchen to find the cabinet doors opened. Oh did I relieve my bladder alright. I ran into my parents bedroom screaming and crying like I had just seen a ghost. Well my mother believed me, my father said I was dreaming until he went into the kitchen not more than ten minutes later to get a cup of coffee for work and saw the cabinet open and no one around.

My mother says my uncle was trying to be helpful. You can make your own conclusions but I know this is true 100%.

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