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My Grandfathers Ghost

Teresa, NY, USA
June 2004

On April 28 of 2000, my grandfather passed away in Vietnam. It was probably the worse experience I have ever been through.

When my parents left for Vietnam for the funeral, I was left in a three story house with my uncle, grandmother, her boyfriend and my 2 sisters (my only brother at the time and youngest sister went with my parents).

I was born in Vietnam and for the year and a half that I was there, I have been told that my grandfather loved me with all his heart. In all of my life, I was able to see him for two months and actually remember those two months.

This is unexplainable, but, I wasn't able to cry when I heard about my grandfather's death. Something inside of me told me that everything was going to be okay and that he is in a better place now.

After a month of the anniversary of my grandfather's death, I awoke with sweat covering my face. I can't explain why that had happened for I did not have a nightmare. I turned to where the door was at, since I always leave it opened, and saw a figure surrounded by a white eerie fog. I turned from it, thinking it was just my grandmother's boyfriend, but it couldn't have been him. I turned to the door once again and the figure smiled at me, waving with a warm and opened heart. It was my grandfather. I turned, once again, from the figure and buried myself in my blanket. I kept this to myself until my little sister, Ana, told me she had a dream about my grandfather.

In Ana's own words, she saw our grandfather while she was playing with our youngest sister, Maria. She said that, in her dream, he carried her in his arms and showed her the Heavens. She said that Heaven was beautiful and full of flowers and was surrounded by clouds with a sweet fragrance. Now, you may not believe this, but it came from my very own experience. This is something that science may not explain and not even me, myself.

Teresa, NY, USA
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