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My Grandparent's Are Watching

Amanda Williams, Tennessee, USA
June 2007

When I was around 10 years old, my parents decided that I was old enough to stay home by myself. Of course, I was thrilled at first. I thought it was so cool that I could stay home alone. However, I began to notice something odd.
While I was home by myself and the house was relatively quiet, I would hear these noises. It would sound like water running in the bathroom then footsteps walking through the house. Sometimes I would even see a figure out of the corner of my eye that would disappear when I turned my head to look. Since I was still young, it really freaked me out. I would always find somewhere to sit with my back against a wall and wait for Mom and Dad to come home.

When I got a few years older, I talked to my mom about what I had experienced. She said she and my dad had experienced some of the same things. They felt that it was my grandparents (my mom's parents). My grandparents had lived in that house for many years and, as my mom informed me, my grandmother actually died in the house.

Once I learned that I was not the only one experiencing these things and that it was my grandparents watching over me, I felt a lot better and more secure in the house alone.

Since then, other things have happened in the house that we feel are the actions of my grandparents' spirits, particularly my grandmother.
One day, my dad was in the kitchen cooking and he had his back turned to one of the cabinets. Suddenly the door opened on its own. My dad just turned around and said hello to the spirit of my grandmother.

Amanda Williams, Tennessee, USA
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