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My Guardian Angel (6)

Melinda Grant, New Hampshire, USA
August 2001

I was living in Tampa, FL at the time of these experiences. I hope you enjoy my stories!

I was about 6 years old and I had been taken away from my mother and put into the care of my grandparents. I had a few different experiences in my grandparents home and I would like to share them.

I would be sitting or playing in my bedroom which is on the other side of the house when all of a sudden I would hear someone in the living room talking to my grandmother. The voice was always male and sounded familiar in some strange way. I would hear the whole conversation loud and clear but when I would go to see who had come over there was nobody else in the room with her. I would ask my grandmother who she was just talking to and she would say "Nobody dear" with a look of confusion on her face. This happened more than once while I lived with her.

My other experience involved my dog "Mitzy". She was a medium sized dog I had received from my mother for my birthday. Mitzy was a outside dog and would only come inside when we fed her. I was asleep one night and I just jerked awake with no obvious reason for it. My grandmother would leave the light on in the hallway for me because I was slightly afraid of the dark so I would be able to see in my room at night. When I woke up that night I had this feeling as if I was being watched. I looked in the direction of the end of my bed and next to the dirty clothes hamper was my dog Mitzy! I looked at her for a brief moment and then looked away thinking "why is she in my room at this time at night?" When I looked back at her she was still sitting in the same exact position, sitting up looking directly at me with her head slightly cocked to the left, not moving or breathing that I could see. Still looking at her I start to call her name and pat my leg and she did not move at all. I looked away again and this time I yelled for my grandmother because this was scaring me a lot. My grandmother came in and turned on my bedroom light to see what was wrong. I asked her why is Mitzy in my room pointing at the cloths hamper. She looked to where I was pointing and my dog was gone! I looked back in disbelief and it was true. There was nothing sitting next to the hamper. I then heard Mitzy barking outside my bedroom window.

I told a relative a few years ago what had happened to me at my grandmother home and I was told that it could have been my guardian angel watching over me. It is said they appear to you in a form you know so not to scare you. I have news for that myth, It scared the hell out of me.

I hope you have enjoyed my stories. I have not had any other experiences since leaving my grandmothers home and moving back in with my mother at the age of 9.

Melinda Grant, New Hampshire, USA
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