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My Haunted Apartment

Paula, MA, USA
June 2006

I am here to tell you about the happenings that have been going on in my apartment for 4 months now.
My 4 children and I have been at this Apartment since January 17, 2006. After 2 weeks of being here I had sensed I was being watched from my kitchen doorway. I was laying on the couch watching television with my head to the back of the kitchen,without warning I felt as if I was being watched and turned my head, but no one was there. I continued to do this every 20 minutes, but still nothing was there, but the sense of someone watching was intense.
Another 2 weeks had passed, nothing seemed to be happening, and I thought that the first incident was just my mind playing tricks, and that I was just not used to the apartment. That is until one morning. As I was preparing to sit at my table to have my morning coffee and cigarette I heard the beads cling together that were on my daughter's bedroom door, no one walked through them, but when I went to check on it, they were swinging back and forth gently as if someone indeed did walk through them. At that time, I realized that I was not going crazy and my mind was not playing tricks on me..I did have "someone" here with me, other than my children.
One night back in March, and still cold out, my oldest daughter was laying on the couch, she asked me to shut the door, and I told her I didn't have the door open, she looked at my with a puzzled look on her face and said. "I just felt a cold breeze on me". There were no doors open or windows for that matter, nor are there any cracks in my walls that would allow a breeze to come in.
On another note, while my oldest was sitting at the computer, she told me that she just got poked, and asked her sister, who had been sitting on the couch if she had poked her in the arm. My other daughter said "No".
On more than one occasion I have heard knocking on my walls near the kitchen area that connect the kitchen to the living room. I can not explain it. Most recently, in fact yesterday I was in my kitchen doing dishes, I have two parts to my kitchen and two ceiling lights, both with regular bulbs in them, 2 in each. I turned on my light to the sink area and the light bulb flickered, then went bright, then flickered off. I looked up and said "oh this stinks now", because I can't really see the dishes without my light being bright, after I said that the light bulb went back to being bright, then flickered off again. This time I said out loud "Can you stop playing around with the light?" and sure as I am sitting here typing this the bulb went bright and I didn't have any flickering after that..
I must inform all that read this that I did a little research of my Apartment, and interestingly enough I have found out through my neighbor who has been here for 6 years that a young man in his 30's overdosed in one of my bedrooms. I believe that because he died in the way he did, he is trapped here, or perhaps he does not know that he is dead. I do not feel threatened by this spirit, and I feel very well protected, and I feel he watches out for my children and me.

Paula, MA, USA
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