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My House (4)

Natalie Jean, CA, USA
July 2010

Recently, well, really three years ago almost, my mom, dad, little brother and I, moved into a new house in Corona, California. The house is about four years old, and the previous owners didn't take very good care of it.

A lot of times, I stay home alone, because my little brother plays a lot of sports, so I stay home to do my homework, and whatnot. So, maybe it's a case of paranoia, who knows. Whenever I would walk around the house, I would feel someone watching me, or some footsteps, in and around the house. None of our neighbors were home the times it happened, and there was no one walking around the outside, or in the bushes. I have a very logical mind for a fourteen-year-old girl, and I tried to figure it out, of course nothing but that came to mind.

I just got freaked out and I would start to take my homework with me to Milo's practices, because I was so freaked out. I wouldn't sleep in my own room for nights on end because I didn't want to be in my room. Before anyone else in my family had any experiences, I had about five, but I only remember two because apparently in the middle of the night I came screaming to my mom and my memory isn't that good in the day anyways.

One night, I'm laying in bed, and it's about ten thirty or so, and my friends keep sending me texts, and I'm too lazy to turn my phone of, I turn it over, and I go to sleep. Suddenly, around 1:00 am, I jolt awake. There used to be space between my bed and the wall, but after that night I moved my bed.

Every night my door was closed, but as soon as I wake up I see a shape of a little boy appear, and I think it's my little brother, Milo. The figure goes around the end of my bed and into the gap in between my bed and the wall, again I thought it was my brother, so I'm swiping at it with my arm saying, "Milo, I'm going to tell mom that you came in without asking," and "Milo, if you don't get out I'm gonna throw you out" things like that. I finally walk over to my dresser, and turn on my lamp. There was nothing there when the light came on. I was so freaked out (my door hadn't actually opened or closed during that whole time). I ran to the door, and was desperately trying to get the door open, I finally swing it open and book it down the hallway. I'm not a screamer so I shook my mom awake, and I'm so freaked out I'm crying, and yelling "there was something in my room! There was something in my room!" I was making a bunch of commotion, and Milo comes out of his room, saying "What's wrong? Why did you wake me up?" I started interrogating him, and I was hysterical. I freaked him out, and I freaked my parents out. I didn't sleep in my room for a week and a half after.

That was last year in 2009, this year, maybe a little bit after the new year, my brother reported something similar, he said he saw someone in the doorway into our hall. Our house is a one-story house, so it's kind of simple in design. The figure he saw was in the doorway, connecting the living room, to the bedroom hallway, It was someone who had a vague resemblance to me, but it was a very shadowy figure, he told me. It looked like it was tall and had long hair, and had the same figure as me, but it was kneeling. Again, I sleep with my door closed so I didn't see it and I knew I had not gone out at all during the night. He's forgotten all about it but it freaks me out. Maybe it's our family that has recently passed coming to check up on us, or maybe it's because it's a new house on old land. I just don't really want to find out.

Natalie Jean, CA, USA
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