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My Little Ghost

Velda Henley, TX, USA
December 2009

This is not just a story, this is true and happens almost every night, and it has even happened during the daytime if I happened to be lying down resting. I moved into my grandmother's house in 1998 about a year and a half after she had passed away.

The first night we were here I felt something sort of run across the bed. I thought that it was a mouse or a rat but never saw droppings from one. This happened again and again. I am a person that believes in such things as ghosts so I was not really scared after the first few times. But sometimes it would catch me by surprise and it was like someone hit the bed by my feet and on a few occasions it was behind me when I slept on my back.

There are times when it happens when I am asleep and it wakes me up, but many times it has happened while I am still awake. It sometimes feels like something is under the mattress and it bopping it from the inside. I will kick the bed and most of the time it stops but sometimes it just makes it worse. No one else has ever had this experience except me and there are nights that it is off and on for several hours so I get up and watch TV. It doesn't matter if it is dark or not but I don't sleep in the dark anymore.

Have you ever heard of a 50 year old woman that sleeps with a night light? I sometimes wonder that if I crawled under the house maybe I would find where someone is buried there and move the bones, maybe this would stop. I have learned to live with it because a lot of people do not believe and will actually think that I have lost my mind. Who knows, maybe I have and no one will ever know until the ghost decides to turn its attention to them.

Velda Henley, TX, USA
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