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My Little Girl Ghost Came To Visit

Anonymous, USA
December 2010

I went stay at my godson’s house for the night. I looked forward to seeing my nephew Keith. He was around 1 year old. I had a lot of fun playing with my godson and giving him a bath and getting him ready for bed.

I was playing in his room when the phone rang and it was my boyfriend at the time Ralph. We had a fight and I got off the phone and went back into Keith's room and was sitting in a rocking chair rocking Keith to sleep when I started to cry. I then felt this little had on my shoulder and a little voice say, ‘Don't worry. Things will be OK.’?

When I turned around to see if it was my godson’s mother there was no one there. I realized it was my best-friend's sister who died at the age of eight on a ride at an amusement park near where we live. I never met her but she was very close to Ralph when they were growing up so she must have been looking after me since I was dating Ralph and his best friend is the brother of the girl.

At first I was scared but once I realized it was her I was glad to have my own ghost girl watching media still feel her and see her from time to time. This is a true story.

Anonymous, USA
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