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My Mother Still Watches Out For Me

Lisa, Indiana, USA
October 2001

My mother passed away in 1987. At that time I was young and single, and she told my aunt while she was sick with cancer that she regretted that she would leave me alone. She and my aunt were very close and had both been divorced so they purchased a home together, which is where my mom passed away at.

Several years later I gave birth to my first son, and my aunt was the one who would babysit for him while I worked.

The first day I left him there, like most new moms, I was sad to leave my baby, and cried all the way to work. My son was upstairs in my old bedroom that my aunt had converted to a nursery, sleeping. My aunt was downstairs watching TV when she heard him begin to cry and fuss. Before she could get up to go upstairs, she heard creaking on the floorboards like someone walking upstairs (it was just her and my son at home) as she began to climb the stairs she looked up and swears she saw an image of my mother floating above my sons crib. She said it was only for a few seconds but she said my son went right back sleeping peacefully.

A few years later my aunt had to sell the home they loved so much. She was again upstairs taking pictures off the walls and putting them in boxes when someone rang the doorbell downstairs. She was downstairs for a few minutes and when she came back upstairs those pictures were back on the walls! She said she just chuckled and said "now sis you know I can't afford to keep this house anymore...I'm not leaving you, just the house, so why not come with me?"

Unfortunately, she said she has not had any experiences of the sort since she moved so I often wonder if my mother loved that house so much she is still there?

Lisa, Indiana, USA
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