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My Mothers Experience

Florida, USA
August 2000

This story is about a murder, and one which my mother experienced, but not her own.

My mother was in the kitchen making supper, while I practiced my guitar on the back porch. Over looking the relaxing scenery of the creek, I was startled to hear my mother's terrified scream followed by the breaking of glass. Quickly I jumped to my feet to investigate.

I found my mother standing in the middle of her kitchen with her hands covering her face. Not a sound was coming out of her, I had no clue as to what had happened. I stepped forward closer towards the kitchen and under more observation I found broken glass shattered all around my mother. My first thought was that mom had gotten cut by the glass and possibly into her eyes maybe thats why she was holding her face like she was. I questioned her physical state, "Mom, are you ok? What happened? Are you hurt? Mom?" She started crying. "Mom, whats wrong? Did you get hurt?" She took her hands away from her face,"No, Kelly, No. I'm not hurt. I'm fine." "What happened?" As I questioned her again she started crying harder, "I'm not hurt. I just got was from something on TV...something on the news." "WHAT?" I demanded to know!


"I was going to the grocery store, the one which is over the bridge. I took your little brother with me and I was having no problems at all at this point. I got in the car and started to drive. As I approached the bridge I started getting scared, as if I were going to drive the car straight off into the water. As I inclined closer to the top of the bridge the fear of going off it had gotten stronger. I was in fear of losing not only my life but your brother's as well. I prayed to God, "Please, please God, Please, Don't let us die God PLEASE!" I was so afraid I tried to change lanes but I couldn't, I was stuck to remain on the furthermost righthand lane.
As we declined from the top of the bridge my fear declined as well. I felt that we were truly now out of harm's way. And the thing was, that when returning home I experienced no fear going back over the bridge."

"O-kay, so what was on the news that upset you?"

"Well, I heard on the news that the day after I experienced the fear on the bridge a man threw his wife off it. They were having marriage problems and on that night they decided to go out to a local bar. The husband got drunk and while sitting at the bar he thought his wife was flirting with another man. He got so angry he made her leave with him. At around 3:00am he drove over the bridge, parked his car on the very top, pulled his wife kicking and screaming from the car, and threw her over... killing her."

This story was getting interesting. As I looked around I saw the glass lid which had been broken. The strange thing about it was that the lid did not explode it imploded and the glass did not hit my mother at all it merely surrounded her. So I told my mom what I thought. "Mom, you felt that woman's fear on that bridge before it happened. And now that you've heard it on the news, your emotions were so strong it broke the glass lid."

She said no way. But later when we talked to one of our friends who takes interest in parapsychology she totally agreed with me. Our friend later talked with her professor and they both came up with weird explanations to what happened. One of which talked about the dead woman's spirit coming back and breaking the glass, but since my mom didn't really know her they kinda crossed that one out. They said that if my mother screamed and then the glass broke and none of the glass never touched my mother then it was from my mother's emotional state.

Florida, USA
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