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My Neighbours Ghost Moved

Pam, NC, USA
January 2003

This all started last Spring. My neighbor and I were sitting in her front yard. I knew she had a ghost man in her house at the time. About ten years ago, the ex- boyfriend of the woman who lived in her house shot himself in the front doorway after she refused to take him back.

Ever since my neighbor moved into the house, strange things would happen. The first thing that happened was that one of the collector plates that she had hanging on her kitchen wall would be sitting under her table every morning (this made since after she found out from another neighbor that the man had a cat and he use to leave it milk under the table). He would also touch her and make noises.

Well, me being the idiot that I am, sort of invited him to live with me. We were talking about something that she was afraid of and I said, "Well, I'm not afraid of anything... Not even your ghost!" Pretty stupid thing to say in hindsight.

That same night I was watching a movie. It was pretty late and when it was over, I stood up from the couch to go to bed. Just then, someone blew in my ear. It gave me the creeps and I remembered what I had said earlier. I shrugged it off though and went to bed.

Nothing happened for the next week. Then the following weekend my mother came to my house to watch movies and she spent the night. It was kind of cold outside so I turned the heat on. The next morning she and I were in the kitchen and she commented on the cold air that was coming from the heat vent. I reminded her that I had turned the heat on the night before, but I went and checked on it anyway. You can imagine my surprise when I saw that the thermostat had been pushed all the way over from 'heat' to 'cool'. I had already told Mom about the blowing in my ear and she said that maybe the ghost next door had done it.

A few minutes later, I went to let my oldest son out of his room. He is severely disabled and often he would get up in the middle of the night and instead of waking me up he would go directly to the kitchen and pull everything out of the refrigerator. I would find him (and my floor) asleep there the next morning covered in dried food. I dealt with this for a few years until I woke up one night to hear the bathroom water running. I went in there and he was in the tub with the cold water running full blast just playing. That scared me. If I hadn't woke up, he could have drowned or scalded himself with hot water. So now I have a chain lock on the outside of his door so that he can't get out at night. When I went to unlock his door that morning however, it was already unlocked! This has happened several times since then, and I don't like it! I lock that door for my son's own safety.

One other thing that makes me belive that my neighbor's ghost moved to my house is his attitude towards my boyfriend. This past summer my boyfriend stayed with me for a few weeks. Whenever he was there the air conditioner would freeze up. My landlord's handyman came to fix it, but couldn't really find anything wrong with it. Still it would freeze up whenever we went to bed. As soon as my boyfriend left it worked just fine. He came back and spent a couple more weeks with us and the same thing happened. Once again, when he left we had no more problems.

The ghost seems to like to hang around my oldest though. Most of what happens centers around him. One night my boyfriend was laying in my bed reading and I was in the living room watching TV. Before I go to bed each night I check on my kids. This night when I went to check on my oldest the door was once more unlocked. Since my room is right across the hall from his room, I asked my boyfriend if he had unlocked the door. He said he hadn't and he knew that I had locked it earlier because we put the boys into bed together. Needless to say, my boyfriend was a little freaked by this. He had been laying right there within sight of the door and had seen nor heard nothing!

Later that same night, he was woke up by my son laughing in his room. He said he went to listen at the door and he thought he heard a man's voice speaking to my son. He went out of the house to look in the window instead of going in because he said he wanted to catch whoever was in there. Well, there was no one else in the room! He said my son was just staring at thin air and laughing. So what did my brave hunk of man do you may ask?... He came running back in with his tail tucked between his legs and jumped in bed with me! I still laugh at him about that! He will never live it down. Not after he left my son alone with a ghost!

I don't think this is a mean spirit. I think he likes to keep my son company, but I still want him gone. His behavior (i.e. unlocking the door) could potentially be dangerous to my son.

Pam, NC, USA
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