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My Old Flat

Liverpool, UK
October 2001

I've been meaning to submit this story for a while now, but it's only with Halloween coming that I've managed to get round to it. It's a series of three incidents my friend and I experienced in his old flat.

A little background information about the flat before I explain. His flat was at the top third story floor, and the only one there. There is a small hallway to get there, then when you open his door to go into the flat there is another small hallway then the main living area. There are very few windows in the place and none of them have cracks or gaps in them.

The first incident happend about 3 Halloweens ago, there was myself, my friend and two other people and my friends cat. It was about 3.00am when we all decided to get some sleep, so I was sleeping on a matress on the floor, my friend was in his bed and the others were in the chair. I heard footsteps along the hallway outside his flat, which proceded to come in and along the hallway inside, which led to the room we where all in. I was the only one awake, but thought "It must be the cat" it came as a great shock to see the cat asleep on the couch on the other side of the room. I know animals are meant to react to ghostly presences, but it just slept through it.

The second experience was before my friend and I had to go into town for a meeting. I heard the kettle start to boil in the kitchen, this was bizarre because neither of us had gone near it. We went to investigate and it wasn't plugged in, as my friend had left it. Whilst my friend was in the kitchen, I stood in the doorway and a cold wind blew right past me. As I mentioned there are no cracks or gaps in the window for this to have happened. We went back to the living room and after a few minutes it happened again.

The final incident happened after we had come in late one night. It was late and we had been busy all day so we just shut the door over. My friend has one of those chain locks you have to slide across the latch. We didn't bother to lock that, and left it hanging down. Come 3.00am we hear a clicking in the hallway, I go and check and find the lock has gone from hanging down to being locked.

A few incidents my friend has told me that he has experienced are, when he has come home and unlocked his door, out of the corner of his eye he saw a young girl in a maids outfit. His toy Frankenstein is always being moved from his display shelf to a shelf on the other side of the room. He doesn't feel it's bad though, just lonely. I'm sorry if this story has been boring, I swear though I have not made it up.

Liverpool, UK
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