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My Roommates Tormentor

May 2002

All of her life my roomate, "Sean" has been a skeptic about the paranormal. I'm not so sure if she is anymore or not, but after her experiences last year, she should be a believer. This is actually her story, she doesn't usually talk about it because she is afraid that people would think she is crazy. I have never really experienced anything paranormal, though I do believe in ghosts.

Sean and I became roommates our sophmore year in college in the only dorm on campus that didn't have some rediculous urban legend attached to it or any widely known deaths in the building. Except for infrequent nightmares, the issues didn't really start until late in the first semester.

There was always problems with missing keys and the door locking, while we were in the shower when we both know that neither of us locked it, but neither of us really thought much of it. For a little while I did expect there was an "entity" in our room with us, but I passed it off as an overactive imagination. I am sure now that there is something there.

"It" was never really violent to me, but for some reason it was always bothering Sean. The first real contact that Sean had was while she was sleeping. I was frequently woken up by Sean mumbling in her sleep. Now this isn't strange in itself except for what she was saying. She was always mumbling "stop" or "go away" or "leave me alone", and would often swat at something. She rarely ever remembered this the next day, but occasionally she would blame me for bugging her while she's asleep. Despite the fact that she wasn't sleeping well, Sean didn't think that there was anything unusual happening.

One night the entity really got violent. It was during the spring semester and it was a really hot night. The heat had made us both very restless sleepers (I could tell she wasn't sleeping well because she was on the top bunk and when she moved, the bed moved). Suddenly the bed started shaking violently and I heard a muffled shriek. Sean fell off the top bunk. I turned the light on and saw that Sean was pale and shaking. I asked her what happened and she stammered out "nothing...just a nightmare." She then put on her shoes and hoodie and went for a walk. I just went back to sleep. The next morning I woke up and found her sleeping on the floor. It took a while to get her to tell me what happened. What she said was the she "dreamt" that something she couldn't see had grabbed her ankles and pulled her to the foot of the bed. She thought she had woken up but she felt pressure across her stomach and it felt like someone was holding her arm down, she broke free and landed on the ground. She blamed it on Sleep Paralysis, but doesn't that effect the whole body instead of just her arms and torso? If that was scary enough, She also had a bruise that wrapped around her wrist as if someone had grabbed it forcefully, and scratches on her back. She said she must had gotten them when she fell, but I'm not so sure.

That was the scariest thing that happened. There are other freaky occurrences but that was the worst that happened. We now live in an apartment downtown and since then Sean has been sleeping like a baby.

Sorry this ran a little long, I hope you enjoy my roomate's story!

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