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My Sign

September 2003

My dearest friend in the world died years ago, I found her body. Her husband was gone on a fishing trip and I had been trying to call her and she did not answer. I went to check her and see if she was okay and I let myself into her house and found her, she had been dead since the night before. She died from natural causes, she was a juvenile diabetic and she had many problems for years.

She and I had been like sisters for fifteen years, she was a real estate broker and owned her own real estate agency. She was also an appraiser and traveled all over our small little part of the world appraising and listing houses. I used to go with her when she was going places that were remote and she was not familiar with.

My favorite flowers in the world are Black Eyed Susan's that grow wild in the woods and fields. When she would go do an appraisal or check on a listing, if she saw a field of these flowers, she would always call me and say ROAD TRIP. I knew she had found a field full of wild flowers and we would take off for a look see.

After she died, I was inconsolable. I was just hysterical and I could not understand how this could have happened and what was I going to do without her. Her husband and my husband are best friends and she and I were best friends. A large part of my life died with her. We would talk on the phone about 15 times a day and to this day, seven years later, whenever the phone rings, for a few seconds, I think it is her.

After my friend died, my son picked a bouquet of Black Eyed Susan's for me and brought them in and put them in an old jar. To this day, I will never forget how wonderful and thoughtful that was for an eleven year old boy to do. I kept them on the kitchen sink. They sat there for a long time and I had not taken them out.

One morning, I was sitting at the breakfast room table and I started crying and asking God to please help me and show me a sign to let me know that she was okay. I got up to get another cup of coffee and my eyes just went to that bouquet of flowers that my son had picked for me days and days before. Right in the center of that bouquet, there was one big, beautiful flower that had not wilted in the least, it was still fresh as the day it was picked, the rest of them were dried and brittle. If you had touched them, the petals would have fallen off. NOT THIS ONE CENTER FLOWER. This was my sign from God and my friend, She let me know that she was okay.

I feel that she has visited me on more than one occasion.

One night I was going somewhere and I started smelling the cologne that she loved to wear. The smell kept getting stronger and stronger, I said out loud--"***, if you are here with me, do something to let me know." At that exact instant, my car radio quit. If anyone had seen me, they would have thought I was insane. I was crying FOR HAPPY so much, I could not see to drive the car. I had to pull over and stop and get it out of my system.

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