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My Spirit

Merrie, MI, USA
September 2000

This will be kind of long, so bear with me please.

I used to live with my mother. At one point, my bedroom was in the basement of her house. It was a typical teenagers room, posters on the walls, glow in the dark beads hanging in the doorway, etc. I had some of those beads hanging from different spots in the ceiling also. One night, I was trying to fall asleep. I moved my leg trying to get comfortable and the beads hanging near it started swinging. My foot did NOT hit them, I know this for a fact. The others hanging in the room followed suit, and even the ones coming from the door. This being one of the first 'ghostly' encounters, I was scared out of my mind and started crying. After a minute of this, I fell asleep...or else I passed out. I still don't know what happened.

My dog would always bark at the walls down there, and sometimes whimper and leave the room when there was nothing there. Nothing that I could see anyways....

I moved my bedroom to the main floor after a few months. I was on-line talking to people one night, when the light behind me started flashing. It was one of those floor standing lights where you turn the knob to make it brighter or dimmer, so I turned it up all the way, figuring that's what was wrong with it. Everything was fine for about 5-10 minutes, when it started flashing again. I ignored it this time, and suddenly the power went that room only. I ran into the living room and sat on the end of the couch, knees to my chest, breathing heavy. I continuously looked around the room, watching. Nothing else happened that night, and I did have the courage to sleep in my own bed, rather than the couch.

Later on, my parents got divorced, and my dad moved in with my grandma and my aunt. Not much happened at my moms house. I'd get the feeling I was being watched, and that was about it.

Last year, my mom got fed up with me and made me move in with my dad. My grandma had passed away by then, and so I had her old bedroom. I always felt safe in there, rather than if I were to go into the basement for laundry I'd get a horrible feeling and run back upstairs. Not much happened there either, mostly just feelings of having company or being watched.

In July, my father and I moved out to a different city, leaving my aunt to live alone. The new house seemed pretty normal, I never got the feeling that something was there with me until we totally moved in.

Within the first week or 2 of living there, I got off the computer around 2am to go to sleep. I was laying in bed with my eyes shut when I heard something. I listened more, and it was like someone was talking. I wasn't bothered by spirits anymore, I got used to the feeling of something being there. I couldn't understand what was being said, and I was very tired, so I asked them "Could you please be quiet? I'm trying to go to sleep." A couple seconds later it stopped, and tapping/knocking started on the walls and ceiling. The tapping/knocking is normal now, I hear it everyday.

One night, I attempted to record the talking with my video camera. It didn't work well, as the camera was louder on tape than the voices itself.

I have seen shadows walking across my bedroom a couple times also. And when a friend was staying the night, I was sitting on the floor while she sat at the computer, and the movie we had on stopped. I went to take the video out and when I looked at the screen, it was all 'snow' with a big circle in the middle of the screen, which was very blurry.

A couple nights ago, my boyfriend stopped by with a friend around midnight, just after leaving a concert. My boyfriend was taking pictures at the show, and had some film left, and started taking pictures in my bedroom. He took one of me, and aimed the camera at his friend, when I guess he saw a pink-reddish figure through the camera. This is pretty much all thats happened so far.

Merrie, MI, USA
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