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My Turn

Gianna, TN, USA
July 2007

I have been a fan of this website for a while now and I had always been jealous that I had never had any sort of experiences. I've even submitted one of my grandmother's experiences as a way to participate in the supernatural "fun" (Maru, June 2006). But now that I've had my turn experiencing something supernatural, I can't believe I ever wanted to.

My husband and I just bought our first house earlier this year. It is a cute, one story basement house that had fallen into disrepair. The people that sold it to us bought it as an investment property and did a wonderful job renovating it. I never got any weird "vibes" from the house, but I did not like being there alone at night--I always thought someone would find a way to break in. So on nights when my husband was out working late I couldn't sleep; I routinely got out of bed to check for "intruders."

On one such night, I had managed to fall asleep only to be awakened by a noise. I don't remember actually hearing anything, but I had the distinct memory of a slamming noise. I got out of the bed and reached for my husband's Louisville Slugger (it lays on the bed when hubby's not) and got up to patrol. I went out to the living room, the kitchen, checked the spare bedrooms and felt relieved enough to go back to bed. On the way, I passed the hall bath and just happened to look inside. What I saw in there made my heart jump into my throat and my blood run cold. There was a man sitting on the toilet! I know this may sound funny, but even now I can't even crack a smile.
He was tall and pale and wearing a black t-shirt and blue jeans. I could distinctly make out his pale arms, long legs and even hair! He was sitting hunched over the toilet looking at the floor, but after what seemed like half an hour, he turned his head towards me, and (this is when I knew I wasn't dealing with a LIVE person) he had no face! No eyes, lips, nose, nothing! There was only a glowing, pale spot where all that should've been. I took a deep breath to scream my brains out, but before I could let any sound out, he was gone. He just sort of grew darker, as if the darkness around him had absorbed him. Needless to say, I called my husband to come home right away and turned on every single light on in the house while I waited for him.

Nothing else happened that night, but since then I have asked the neighbor about the house and received some very interesting information. It seems that the previous family (the owners that let the house go to ruin) consisted of a single mom and her two mentally handicapped teenage sons. She told me that the boys were always fighting and the mom couldn't do much to stop them. One day they were fighting in the bathroom and the older boy somehow fell and hit his head on the tub. He later died. The mom was torn apart and couldn't work to support her family anymore, so the house was foreclosed on. It was only after the mother and her remaining son were institutionalized (the mother for a nervous breakdown and the son for his handicap) that the neighbor's policeman nephew told her that the older son hadn't died of head injuries, he had died of asphyxiation. The coroner's office found bruising on the boy's chest, so the police suspected that the younger brother sat on his unconscious sibling until he stopped breathing. That literally chilled me to the bone.

Nothing else has happened since, but my husband works fewer nights now, and when he does, I stay over at my brother's apartment!

Gianna, TN, USA
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