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My Unwanted Company

Nessa, Illinois, USA
November 2006

Over the years I have had many strange things happen to me although I am still denying that they can happen to this day.

It all seemed to start when I was about 15 years old. But the most interesting have happened since I became a single mom.

I remember one night my boyfriend and I had rented movies, my daughter was only 3 months old, and I had set the movies on the bed and went to make popcorn. When my boyfriend and I returned to the bedroom, the movies were nowhere to be found. I told him to just start looking everywhere because things would move around on their own quite often. The movies were finally found in a dresser drawer under neatly folded clothes.

Other strange things have happened as well. I had moved into a small river community and the trailer I had moved into had a lot of strange things happen there.

I remember one night my children were at a sleep over and I was home alone sitting on the net, just passing the time. All of a sudden some toys started going off in the back bedroom. I could hear Winnie the Pooh claiming, "Hee Hee Hee, that tickles!!!" and Big Bird teasing, "Peek A Boo!!!" They kept repeating over and over, and I finally shouted, "Stop it!!!" Which they did stop, until the next time. I finally got rid of them, as new batteries didn't seem to be the problem.

As most people know house trailers have tin roofs, and another thing that I heard many nights was the sound of someone heavy walking back and forth across the roof. I had stepped outside many nights to see who or what it could be, and nothing was ever up there and there was no wind or anything. (I had a pole light right next to the trailer and I could see up there clearly). While this spooked me out, I could ignore it most of the time.

Another night I heard the sound of a large dog drinking from the toilet, but I don't have dog?. It got so loud that I ran from the house and got my neighbor to come check it out. He brought over his 2 dogs, but nothing was to be found and there was no water splashed around anywhere. To make me feel better he left one of his dogs at my house to stay with me. But once he left the dog kept scratching at the door and whining, then it started howling, which made me more scared so I let it out. It ran right back across my yard to his house. As soon as I let that dog out, I heard the sound of splashing coming from the toilet again. So I went back outside to try to coax the dog back in, but it would not cross the property line, just would lower its head and tail, so I gave up and finally went back in and to bed.

Other people have been there when things have flown across the room, such as keys leaping off of counters, pictures off of walls, and lights have turned themselves on and off. One man even got so scared he jumped up saying he had to leave and actually left.

I remember another time, during late afternoon or early evening that I was again at the computer when I felt something hit me in the back between my shoulders. At first I thought one of my kids had thrown something at me, so I turned around to yell at them and no one was in the room with me. Then I got the strange feeling that maybe something was on my back so I jumped up and pulled my shirt off real fast but nothing was there. That was the first time that whatever was in that house had touched me. It made me nervous because I was afraid that this thing was getting braver.

One night my now boyfriend and I were laying in bed when we heard something that sounded like a small dog run very quickly across the bedroom floor, the room wasn't completely dark, and although we followed the sound of its scurrying we saw nothing. When I started to ask him if he had heard it too, he was like, "Don't talk about it please."

There have been many more strange things happen to me but I don't have enough room to fit them in here.

Nessa, Illinois, USA
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