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Mysteries of Danfield Court

Danielle Stafford, Louisiana, USA
July 2000

First of all, I would like to tell you that this story is not a myth, but a true event that was actually experienced by two of the family members in my home on Danfield Court.

I was lying in bed, half asleep, when I suddenly heard the AC cut on in the hall, right outside my bedroom. I turned away from the noise and tried to go to sleep. I was awakened later that night by the faint sound of heavy breathing. I turned the noise over in my head. 'My sister is at the end of the hall, and my mom and dad are in the other side of the house!' I thought. 'Who...or...what could have made the commotion?' I turned over in my bed and tried to go back to sleep.

Later that night, I awoke from a bad dream, and I heard the sound of faint footsteps in the hall. I put my fear aside and got up enough courage to go and look in the hall. I got up out of bed and walked to my door. I opened the door and peered around the corner. Nothing. Nothing but air and the sound of the faint footsteps. As I ran back to my bed, and I realized that the footsteps were getting closer. Louder and louder they got, until finally......they stopped. I went back to sleep thinking that nights like these would not come again. Little did I know that the worst was yet to come.

One night in the middle of summer, I was sleeping in my mom's room, because my dad was moonlighting for the hospital that he worked in. We were sleeping soundly when, all of a sudden, we heard a crash. We got up and walked into the kitchen where the sound came from. We looked on the kitchen table, and there, where it had been sitting for that day, was my mother's impression glass fruit bowl, lying there shattered into tiny pieces. The strangest thing was that the bowl was sitting there in the exact same position it had been sitting in that day. We picked up the pieces and went back to bed, not knowing what else was in store for us.

About two years later, I was sleeping in my sister's room when we al ran into my mom's room screaming. We were trying to scare my mom, but when we found her, she was sleeping in her bed. We were on our way back to the bedroom, when we heard a rustle in the attic. Things were shifting about, as if someone was up there, but everyone was where they were supposed to be. My da in the bed alongside my mom, and my sister and me in the hall side by side, with a look of pure shock on our faces.

Was the house on Danfield Court haunted, or are all these things explainable? Nevertheless, the haunting of 2503 Danfield Court, was not by any means made by a human being.

Danielle Stafford, Louisiana, USA
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