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Mysteries of Life

Kim Desmarais, Alberta, Canada
October 2004

This is one of my personal favorite experiences:

Tracy, Mark, Joe (my hubby at the time) and myself all lived in an up / down duplex in Calgary, Alberta the year was 1994. Mark and Tracy had a 6 month old dog by the name of Ace. Ace loved Joe and I. Whenever Joe and I arrived home Ace would race us to our bedroom, which was located on the lower floor of the duplex. This activity with Ace continued for a long time.

One day all four of us and Ace were sitting in the livingroom watching TV Out of the corner of my eye I spotted Ace looking very intently at the south livingroom wall. I nudged Joe, who in turn got Mark and Tracy's attention. As we all watched Ace he was staring at the wall and then he slowly moved his head as if he watching someone walk from the wall, past himself, and into the diningroom, which was attached to the livingroom. We all watched as Ace got up, walked into the diningroom and started jumping around as though he was reaching for a snack out of a hand, standing on his hind legs, dancing around like a dog will.

A few weeks later as Joe and I entered the house, Ace was not at the door to race us downstairs to our bedroom. Joe had to take Ace by the collar to have him come into our bedroom. Ace wanted nothing to do with our room. As soon as Joe let Ace go he ran from the room...

Strange things began happening in the house.

One afternoon Joe and I were sitting at our diningroom table. Joe had a butter knife in his hand (Joe is of Spanish decent, olive skinned and does not scary easily) As I sat beside Joe I noticed him looking over my left shoulder. I asked him if I had a bug on my shoulder (I hate bugs). He did not reply, instead he dropped the knife on the table and walked into the kitchen, which was located right off the dining room. As I approached Joe I noticed all the color was gone from his face, I asked him what was wrong. I had never seen him in this state. Joe looked at me and told me he saw a black robed figure standing behind me in the reflection of his knife. I knew he was not joking.

Right after this event happened things livened up even more. I worked night shift and Joe would drive me to work . All lights, TV, stereo were turned off, which was normal for us as we never left anything on when no one was home. One night as Joe and I were locking up the house, on my way to work, we heard the stereo turn back on. Joe unlocked the door, went inside and shut the stereo off. As soon as Joe relocked the door the stereo came on once again. I looked at Joe and told him to leave it as we could be kept here all night playing this game. I am no beginner to these types of experiences.

One night we were all going to bed and I was in bed before Joe. As Joe came out of the bathroom and into the doorway of the bedroom he stopped dead in his tracks. He just walked through the ghost he said, there was a very cold spot that he just walked through and he felt something very strange..

The very next morning we had a large wet spot at the top side of our bed. We never took any type of liquid with us to bed at night. Tracy got up later that morning and told Joe and I about the experience she had had the night before. Tracy went to bed and was awoken very early in the morning with finding a man staring down at her. This man was floating between the window sill and Tracy's bed just watching her. As Tracy saw this she began praying for God and Sweet Jesus to protect her. As she prayed the man disappeared, he left a bad feeling behind with Tracy. Lights turning off and on began to happen all the time . We would shut off all the upstairs lights when we went to bed and as we got into bed the upstairs lights would be back on.

These things were nerve racking on their own, but the one incident that made me respond happened like this. I had just finished using the bathroom off the kitchen. As I opened the bathroom door I watched as the taps at the kitchen sink, (which was located straight across from the bathroom door), turned on full blast, steaming hot, instantly.


I had had enough... I got on the phone to the University Of Calgary and contacted the Parapsychology Department. I had a Paranormal Researcher come to visit the house. The gentleman's name is long forgotten but not his words. He told us that with all four of us having had our own personal past experiences with the unknown that he felt all of our energies put together opened a door for something to enter.

He felt the house was haunted.. WE MOVED!

Kim Desmarais, Alberta, Canada
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