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Mystery Lady In the Nun's Home

July 2006

Afew years ago I decided to go visit my friend in San Francisco, California. We planned what we were going to do their ahead of my arrival. She mentioned to me that there were a few "haunted houses" or abandoned houses that we would visit while I was there.

I was there about a week and all the places she promised to take me, we never went to. One night she invited one of her guy friends over who became really interested in me. He offered to take me sight seeing since she had neglected to do so. I had mentioned that I wanted to go see this haunted house that she had told me about.
Now my friend, did not give me any details, history, or information about the haunted house. She simply told us how to get there. She had also never been there herself and had heard about it from a friend.
Not knowing what to expect, this guy and I decided to go and check it out.
The house was located in a rich area of one of San Francisco's suburbs. We drove a long way up a hill and reached a gated estate. He confirmed that we had the right address. The gate was really big and one of the gates was left open. There was no one outside so we decided to just drive in.
There was a long parking lot before we reached the house. We parked directly in front of the house and decided to just sit there and watch it to see if anything weird happens.
While we sat and talked in the car, we both felt a very weird and scary feeling. We kept starring at the house and both saw a light go on in the attic of the house. We got scared and thought that someone was there and that we would get in trouble for being there as well. While we kept going back and forth trying to decide whether we should leave or not, we saw the light go off. Then we both sat there quietly. I saw a black cat come out of nowhere and run in front of the car. I told him that I was getting really scared and that maybe we should leave before something happened.
We started to drive down the long parking lot and as we were headed for the front gate we saw an old looking car coming towards us very slowly. We thought that for sure we were in trouble. The car approached us slowly and we drove slow as well. I told the guy I was with to explain to the person that we were merely sight seeing and didn't mean any harm. The car approached us and we saw that it was a very old lady. I will never forget the look in her eye. Her skin was pale and her eyes were dark black. I remember not being able to see the whites of her eyes. She really spooked me. She stared at us at first before saying anything. The guy I was with asked her if the house was haunted and she said no. She said that it is a Convent home and there is nothing haunted about it. As she spoke with the guy, I looked into her car. She had all these dusty looking file folders in the passenger seat pilled high. I wondered what she was doing there at that time of night with files in her car. She told us that we shouldn't be there and that we were trespassing. We decided to leave and apologized.
We both got super freaked out that night. I had to leave the next day and didn't get a chance to tell my friend about what we had encountered.
A week later my friend called to tell me that they went and visited the house during the day because during the day the house is on exhibit and people pay an admission fee to see inside it. I was completely stunned! I told her we ran into a little old lady that works there and she told us that the house is a convent that is up and running! My friend told me that it used to be a convent home and that it had shut down a long time ago! She told me that before it became a convent home, the house belonged to a wealthy man who for some reason committed suicide there. His ghost often spooked the nuns that lived there. The story had spread around town that the nuns would see weird things happen in the house and would pray day and night for his soul to pass on. Apparently it never did because the man had an attachment to that house.
Soon after the convent home decided to shut down. I was amazed to hear that the house was an exhibit for people to see during the day and that it has been abandoned for years.
I will never forget the look in that ladies eyes. Till this day when I think about it I get freaked out. I sometimes wonder if she was a dead nun who worked there and was also haunting the house.

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