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Myth or Demon?

Janeen, Washington, USA
January 1999

As a girl of aprox. 10, I shared a room with my sister who was 15. Out of a deep sleep one night, I woke to the sound of something with claws walking across our bedroom wood floor. Our bed had about a foot of space under it so this thing that sounded like a small dog was wandering around underneath us. My cat who was previously sleeping on my pillow, was also in full alert. I couldn't come up with a logical solution for an animal in our room. Our dog was very large, and my cat was on my pillow. My blood began to race and my face was hot as adrenaline pulsed through me. I was scared. I didn't want "it" to know I was awake, so I kept very still. I thought it might possibly be a rat, although they are not a common thing that size in central Washington, but I was grasping for answers. My cat obviously thought the same. He jumped down, but quickly hightailed it down the hallway! Suddenly my sister asked me to turn on the light, as she had dropped her beloved stuffed bear. Knowing she would never send me into harms way, I thought I was hearing things. I worked up my courage and hopped onto the floor. Whew! Nothing. I walked around my bed and headed for the light and, "YIKES" two large, red, glowing, pointed eyes were staring directly at me from under my dresser!!!!!! (goose bumps) I flicked on the light, and to my amazement, got down on my hands and knees to look. NOTHING! I scanned the room. Nothing. O.K., I had to pull it together. My sister had her bear and I flipped the light back off. OH MY GOSH! THE EYES WERE UNDER THE BED!!!!! I flew on top of my bed and hid. I couldn't speak of it to my sis, as acknowledgment would make it real. It took me FIVE years to bring it up, and my sis couldn't believe it. She had peeked over the side of the bed because she had heard it too, and saw the same red, glowing, pointed eyes! Then had told me to turn on the light!

To this day, we have no clue as to what it was. The eyes were facing forward, and they were large. They glowed from within, as all lights in the house were off. If my son ever says he is scared of a boogy man in his room, he is sleeping with me!

Janeen, Washington, USA
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