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Nannies House

Penny, Alabama, USA
October 2004

When I was around 7 or 8 years old my grandmother was taken to the hospital with a heart attack. Since her house was near the hospital were she was, at my mom and dad decided that it would be easier for them if we stayed at her house while she was in the hospital.

Nannie's house was one of these old post Victorian houses that had the high ceilings and the big rooms that had fire- places in most of them.

The night that I can remember best is the night that my grandmother died. My sister and I were sleeping in the front bedroom, and somewhere around 12:30 or 1:00 a.m. I felt someone tuck the covers around me and brush my hair out of my face. Being the last of 6 kids I thought that it was one of my older sisters coming to check on me. But it wasn't. They were at the hospital.

The next morning when we got up to go to school, we found out that our grandmother had passed in the night. When I asked what time they said that it was at 12:45 a.m. My father wanted to know why I had asked and I told him about the cover tucking and the the hair and he said that there was no one there except me and my sister and one of my brothers, the rest was at the hospital.

My eldest sister came in and asked if I had been in Nannie's room and I said no that I had been in the bed until just a few minutes ago. She said that some one had been in Nannie's room and that her perfume bottle was missing off the dresser. We looked high and low for it and finally found it under the pillow that I had been using. When it was time for the family to gather for the funeral we all met at my grandmother's house since it was big enough to hold all of the family and friends that were going to the cemetery and then back there for the wake. I was out in the back yard looking up at the windows at the back of the house when I "saw" my grandmother looking back at me. I was scared to death. I went up the steps to go in and tell someone what I had seen, but no one would listen.

Nannie's house stood empty for almost a year after her death. They family had tried to rent it out but no one wanted a huge house to heat.

The house was never vandalized, so my father decided to rent out our house and move us into Nannie's house. Strange things started soon after we moved in. Doors would slam, lights would go off and on by themselves. Cold spots in the dining room, and in Nannie's old room. Then when I was 9 years old I remember like it was yesterday, I was sitting at the dining-room table doing homework when this big old heavy stoneware turkey platter came off of the mantle of the fire place and sailed about 3 feet away and crashed to the floor. No one was around it there were no heavy trucks going by, not even a strong wind. We soon moved back to our house after that.

It was not too long after we moved that the house was torn down. But from time to time I can still feel my grandmother's presence around me.

When I got older I started getting into reading about spirits and the spirit world. I have talked to a American Indian medicine man who said that I had the gift to see what others could not. It took me a while to understand what he was talking about. I get vibes from places, I can go into a house and tell if it is a happy place or not.

Hope that you like the story, it's all true!

Penny, Alabama, USA
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