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Never Ending Battle

Josh, TX, USA
August 2004

My friend is a security guard and this other guard was working the night shift at the San Jacinto Battle Ground in Texas while the remodeling was going on.

He parked his car in front of the monument with the windows up and AC on because of the hot weather. Around 2am in the morning something with a loud BANG hit the top of the roof on his car and he heard what sounded like horses all around his car. He looked out the window but there was nothing to be seen, but he still heard all the horses and banging around. All of a sudden he heard a deep voice right outside his car and it said "LETS MOVE FORWARD MEN" and whatever or whomever slowly walked away.

This is the San Jacinto Battle Ground, an On-Going Battle in S.East Texas.

Josh, TX, USA
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