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Never Look Under The Bed

June 2003

Before I get to the story I would like to point out a couple of things:

I have a twin brother and we both are the same age, 15. And we sleep in the same room because there are not enough rooms to be separated. And I've always had a feeling about this house. When I am alone I have this strange feeling like something or someone is watching me. So you can easily be afraid, when you want to scream out MOM!, but you can't because you are in total shock or fear and that you are afraid that when you yell that out that something or someone will come out to get you.

Now, to my story.

It was exactly one year ago and I had a friend sleeping over. We did all sorts of things like play some video games, watch some movies. It was about 2:00 AM so I decided to crash out, and as I was walking up the stairs I felt some sneaky suspicion that someone or something was watching me again. I get that a lot. I'm usually scared and now this was by far the worst I have ever experienced.

As I walked in the room I shut the door for some silence. I shut the curtains but then the feeling that someone or something was watching me became stronger and stronger. And now, as I lay down, (wait, first of all my brothers bed was at the right side of my bed so I can easily see under my brothers bed), and I looked towards the side. I saw something staring at me, watching me...It had big red eyes and it sort of came closer and closer to me. I got so damn scared I ran like a ChickenS***. I ran downstairs and then I said to my friend and my brother "there is something under your bed"!

We went to check it out and we found nothing. There was nothing under my bed, my brothers and for the sake we checked the closet. We found nothing. Of course it would of went in my Uncles room or my Mom's but we didn't check because we didn't want to disturb them.

A year later and everything was "steady." I did not have that feeling anymore, I do not look under my brothers bed still.

I know you've all heard about "Monsters in your Closet" or "Monsters under your bed", but we all find out later that there is no such thing as monsters, thats a lie. There is something under my brothers bed and I don't know what the heck it is. But I sure in hell NEVER WANT TO FIND OUT! And I'll give you all a word of advice. Never look under your bed!

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