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New Parliament House Ghost?

Pat, ACT, Australia
December 2005

The building in question in this story is Australia's new Parliament House, only about seventeen years old. Old Parliament House is supposed to be haunted, but this is the first time I've heard of anything like this in the new House.

A group of five of us was returning from afternoon tea. As we came around the corner to the elevator to take us back to our office, I noticed the elevator doors were just closing, and I caught a distinct glimpse of someone in a dark suit entering the lift. We reached the elevator and pushed the button. The doors opened immediately. As you've probably guessed by now, the elevator was empty. There had been NO time for the lift to reach another floor and unload a passenger. When I saw the lift was empty, I assumed I'd been imagining things. But as we got into the lift I noticed one of the girls in the group looking around in confusion. ME: Did you just see someone get in this lift?
HER: Yeah.
ME: What did they look like?
HER: Someone in a dark suit.

We were both pretty freaked out. Two of the other people in the group had been talking to each other and hadn't seen anything, the fifth had been a few steps behind and also didn't see anything.

If it had just been one of us, we could put it down to imagination. But we both saw exactly the same thing!

Oh, and forget "random shadows or tricks of the light". The area is very well and very evenly lit. Nearly every time I approach that lift now I look for something that might explain what we saw, but I remain baffled. I've also since heard of others having similar experiences with the same lift.

Pat, ACT, Australia
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