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New Place, Old Residents

Lynn, Pennsylvania, USA
April 2006

I recently moved in with a friend to save money after losing my job at a thrift store. I knew things were going to be a bit strange, little did I know just how strange they were about to get.

We had a neighbor, she was a bit odd, but nothing really that was too concerning. UNTIL she started to tell us that "someone" lived in the attic above our apartments. I dismissed these claims, thinking her to be eccentric, that in itself isn't a bad thing, but then, I too started to realize that "someone" was indeed living in the attic above our apartments. It all started, when I would go to bed at night, I would hear the house creaking, general stuff, but I also heard "someone" walking across the ceiling above my head.

The first few times, I tried to tell myself, that it was just the wind, the rain....etc. But the longer I tried to tell myself that it was nothing, the more things started to happen. I would hear the "person" walking along the attic corridor, that seemed to be the most common thing, but also, I would always be the last person to go to bed, I KNEW my bedtime routine. Shut off the TV, Check to make sure that the doors were locked, feed the cat, go to bed.

Some mornings, around 3am, the TV would turn itself on, and also the bathroom light always seemed to be on, even though I knew it was shut off before I went to bed. And on an entirely different channel. And the topper was, I could sometimes smell beer. Neither I, nor my friend drink.

So I decided to ask our neighbor why she thought that someone lived in the attic. She told me that she could hear people up there, walking around, but then, she also told me that these "people" were stealing her electricity, cable, and her mothers antique costume jewelry. Up to this point, I had never had anything come up missing, but then, I was missing a whole plastic cup full of pens, I had just assumed that my friend had moved them.

At the end of the summer, I had gotten a new job, and a new place. My friend has recently started to work a day shift job, and now, she hears the "people" too. She's asked me about it, and I've told her what I saw/heard. She's getting her kids back soon, so she'll be moving to a bigger apartment. We'll leave it up to the next tenants to figure it out!

Lynn, Pennsylvania, USA
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