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Zachary Newman, OH, USA
February 2011

We just moved to Ohio and trying to find a job to pay the bills of our new house. The landlord was a lawyer and upon further investigation of the house, we found that the previous owner had left some items.

It was our first night and of course we were scared, it looked like a mortuary to be honest. Everyone slept fine until we got downstairs a found that the TV was in the other side of the room. I guess we just scratched our heads or a little bit on that but passed it on as prank made by one of us.

Things did not get better though. We had been here for about eight months and were used to the little things like footsteps in the middle of the night and a light turning on, but my aunt and I could not be prepared for what made us believe. She was sitting on her bed talking to mother in-law and we heard a male's voice ask, and I quote, "Can you escape?"

My aunt was as shocked as I was until we heard a female say, "No." My aunts mother-in-law kept asking us what happened and to turn the TV down - that's right she heard it over the phone.

The next night everyone was asleep but my aunt. She sat in her bed when her door opened. She thought it was her six year old son with a bad dream. Nobody was at the other end but the door closed by itself. She went nuts and laid down as soon as she could and snuggled next to her husband for protection when she heard something over her ear that sounded like a mad dog growling. She yelled at the top of her lungs and we all come in.

Little has happened after that but nothing major, I think her scream scared it away, or at least in a corner. Hopefully.

Zachary Newman, OH, USA
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