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Night at the Slaughterhouse

Anonymous, NSW, Australia
July 2011

It was around 6:00 pm in the evening, Alex, Jacob and I were really keen to go for a ghostly trip to the slaughterhouse just up the road. The slaughterhouse closed down roughly 50-55 years ago but we didn't care, as long as it was still haunted.

Finally we were there, we made our way into the slaughtering room, the most haunted part of the slaughterhouse. We had a look around and found some interesting stuff. A lot of the tools were old and surprisingly stained with blood. After the look around we walked into the meat chopping section. A lot of the meat cleavers were old and rusty with dirt all over them.

We were about to walk out when we heard a deafening bang! My friends and I were shaking, just the thought of being followed in a slaughterhouse. Alex was the strongest in our group, so he went to investigate, we followed him. All of us walked in a bunched up small group. Alex opened the metal door and suddenly we felt all the energy out of bodies being sucked from us. The incident only occurred for about three seconds but we were definitely weak. Our group decided what we had to do... Get out!

We rushed to the next door, scanning for a way out of the haunted facility. We found a roller door which was probably the door they used to offload the cattle. We tried the door, no luck it was closed. Alex thought quickly and grabbed a meat cleaver and prized the door open. Freedom we thought as we saw the roller open a little bit. No luck, the door weighed a tonne.

We gave up and sat down to figure out a plan, when we heard footsteps in the office. We stood in disbelief as the footsteps grew louder, then... nothing. We thought aloud, "How could there be someone in here? The facility has been closed down for over 50 years."

Then it got us...ghost. We ran around in a fluster looking for an exit. Then we heard more paranormal stuff, what I presume would have been meat hooks being hit together. My friends and I were almost crying in terror. How could it be? There are no ghosts in the town where the three of us live, or are there?

The noise stopped but not long after it stopped we heard activity coming from the meat processing room. We slowly made our way there but saw nothing but processing machines and aprons hanging up. We walked back into the main room but soon found out that more was yet to come. Our group decided to find out once and for all what was haunting and terrorizing us.

We decided to stay in a group and search room by room for what we agreed was a ghost. After about 30 minutes of searching we found nothing. We decided to exit through the same door we had the energy sucked out of us from. As we approached the door we heard whispering, followed by numerous doors being slammed. We couldn't take it anymore, so we charged full force at the door and surprisingly we knocked it off its hinges. We started running out when Jacob tripped over from running so fast and leaving him ending up with half of his body out on the grass and the other half in the slaughterhouse. We grabbed Jacob and pulled him out from the slaughterhouse having a tug-o-war with the paranormal forces over his body. Luckily we won the war and the three of us ran across the field back to the main road where we were safe from the haunting of the slaughterhouse.

We had a short meeting agreeing to not tell our parents or the authorities about our encounter, because we knew they wouldn't believe us, they'd just think we are crazy and worry that we have some sort of disease.

So here's a tip to all people who want to ghost hunt, the tip is to get information about where you are going hunting and find rumours about the place! Happy hunting.

Anonymous, NSW, Australia
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