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Night Marchers of the Pali

Alex Tumolva, Pali, Hawaii, USA
June 1997

It was early one Sunday Morning, about 2 am to be exact, and my friends and I were just cruising just so happened we stopped by the Pali Lookout on O'ahu. It was a moonless night, and the stars were looking down upon us with an eerie gaze, as we walked from our cars to the lookout where so many years ago, King Kamehameha had defeated the Cheiftain of O'ahu in the great battle of the Nuuanu Pali....(he threw down the warriors of his enemy, hundreds of feet to where there now is a freeway.......lots more stories about that one), a fog had somehow surrounded us. There was a silence among my friends and I, and soon after, fear and suspicion ensued. "BOOM, BOOM...BOOM, BOOM" From the distance, a chant was heard. The language was unmistakenly Hawaiian, but there were only 6 of us here and no one else on the entire lookout. "BOOM, BOOM.....BOOM, BOOM" The drumming was coming closer. My friends and I could make out a procession of light, no, torches, coming towards us. Suddenly, I saw that my friends were nowhere to be seen, and I heard footsteps scattering into the fog filled area. They had ran to their cars. I looked around and saw that the procession was nearing. They were warriors, getting ready to face their enemy once again, to re-enact a battle they had so long ago lost. I noticed they had no legs, and from their gourd helmets, their was no sign of mercy, no sign of humanity, no sign of anything at all, except for eternal anger.....I found it fascinating, and I also found myself running as my friends had....Later I asked them what I just saw, and my friend who was Hawaiian turned pale. He told me that I was a lucky person, lucky that I had run, lucky that they did not notice me, lucky that I was still alive. "Those were the Night Marchers" he said in grim tones. "You lucky you run. Bumbye (later in pidgin english) you would have been dead, because your not Hawaiian, they see you as enemy and kill you there on the spot because you walk in front of Royalty!" The penalty for crossing their paths would have been death in Mystical Hawaii.

Alex Tumolva, Pali, Hawaii, USA
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