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Night Patrol

May 2003

As a police officer, I've taken my fair share of off duty work to make ends meet. While working for the Quail Creek Homeowners Association, I pulled night patrol duty. This was in the fall of 1994.

One stormy Thursday evening, the lightning from those famous Oklahoma thunderstorms was playing havoc with our phone systems. Our dispatcher received a call from what sounded like an elderly female in distress. The call was forwarded to our 911 link and the address where the call was originating from was confirmed to be in our patrol district. I was assigned the call.

Soon I arrived at a large two story red brick home. However, to my dismay, the home appeared to be vacant. As I was waiting for radio conformation of the address, an Oklahoma City Police Unit arrived. The address was indeed confirmed by 911 dispatch. The OCPD Officer and I proceeded to knock on the front door. No response. We then proceeded to check the doors and windows around the home. The place was locked tight. We could see that there was no furnishings in the home, and the place was dark. We listened carefully for the voice of the elderly woman which was supposed to be comming from inside the home... but we heard nothing. 911 informed us that the call self terminated and the number listed as call back was unanswered. We left the scene, blaming the mix up on the storm in hope that wherever the old woman who called was, that she somehow got help.

One week passes, it's the following Thursday, our dispatch receives the same call. It is apparently the same elderly woman, same address, same call back number, the same weak cry for help. Once again, we find ourselves at the vacant house checking for the old woman, and once again we come up empty. This incident occured for three consecutive weeks.

The fourth Thursday, another stormy evening, but this time plenty of howling wind and heavy rain, and lots of lightning. Our dispatcher once again receives "the call", this time however the old woman is screaming at the dispatcher for failing to get help to her. The dispatcher, tired of this Thursday night ritual, calls SBC phone services, a linesman and representative meets us at the vacant home, it is just after one thirty in the morning. The phone company runs a "tron" on the line near the home, meanwhile the Dispatcher reports to us that she hears what appears to be "1930's type dance music" on the phone, and the old woman continuing to scream and moan.

The SBC unit reports to us that they have a positive location where the call is coming from... it shows to be coming from the north east corner of the kitchen area of the vacant home! We rush over to the back door and enter the house. We move to the is dark, I am trying my best to maintain a "this is just another deal" cop attitude as we move through the hallway. As the kitchen area comes into view, we hear something upstairs, something like... small feet running across the floor. We enter the kitchen and find nothing, no phone, no old woman. We clear the rest of the home and find nothing. We re-secure the door and proceed to the front yard, the neighbor who is the Emergency contact for the homeowner is standing in the front yard, staring up at the northwest bedroom window... as we turn to look up we see clearly the bleached white figure of an old woman standing at the window staring back at us. The sight of this "thing" was so unexpected and horrific that it felt like an electric current had just passed through me. The figure of the old woman moved backward from the window as if she were on rollers, never turning or looking away from us as she went back and darkness closed around her. Not one of us thought twice about not going back into that house. We left the area.

The calls continued to come each Thursday for several weeks, and finally ceased.

So thats my story, it happened, it cannot be explained by any natural means, and I offer it for your consideration.

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