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Night time Terror

Kaye Freehling, VA, USA
October 2009

Hi, My name is Kaye and I posted a story on here about two years ago, it was about some experiences my mother had. At the time I thought that it was great, and I was happy to share her true and creepy story with anyone that wanted to hear it. Well..... little did I know that almost two years later I would be having a very creepy experience of my own.

My husband is in the United States Navy. And as all military wives know, there are points when you have to spend a lot of time by yourself...alone. My husband had left for a 6 month deployment in September 2008. My story stakes place February 2009, so as you can see I was completely and utterly alone.

The apartment my husband and myself owned at the time was on the second floor. It was a one bedroom apartment. The master bedroom shared a wall with the living room. From time to time I would hear scratching on that wall, like someone was scratching to get through the wall. There were never any scratch marks in the morning when I woke up, and I always tried to write it off and not pay too much attention to it, because I did not want to freak myself out because I was alone.

One night whatever this thing was, decided that scratching was not getting through to me. I was sleeping in bed, when I heard this loud sound (at the time I did not know what it was, it was just enough to scare me!) and I thought that someone was trying to break into my apartment. Well mustering up as much courage as I could (being a small woman, I am not very scary, but hey I tried) I got up out of bed, and in my loudest most angry voice, screaming and swearing, hoping beyond all hope that it would scare off whoever or whatever it was in my apartment.

I got out of my bedroom, still screaming and swearing. I was standing in the hall, and taking a peek into the living room to see if there was anything there. I stopped screaming and swearing. There was nothing there. Nothing, which confused me. I thought that I would make an inspection of my apartment. Nothing seemed to be amiss....until I looked at the wall that shared with the master bedroom. There laying on the ground was a picture of my husband and myself. The frame was busted, the glass was broke, it was mangled. Needless to say I was scared and confused but I still had some of that courage that I had mustered up before, and I shouted to the living room: "You don't scare me, how dare you break my picture, just who do you think you are!"

What happened next sent goose bumps all over me, ( I get them still just talking about it!) there was this deep chuckle, very sinister sounding (yes I about peed myself, hey the living room was empty and you are not supposed to be hearing laughing in an empty room right?) however it seemed whatever was in the living room was not done with me. I was frozen in place when this thing laughed and I could not move, and then this thing started to talk! I could not make out what this thing was saying to me, it was very distorted, no I don't have an EVP, because at 2 am, you are not thinking: Yes! EVP, I hope I catch something, and remember I was thinking it was someone breaking into my house. Well anyways after this thing started talking, I found my legs and high tailed myself into my bedroom, and locked the door. I promptly proceeded to whip out an e-mail to my husband asking him to please call me. Thankfully he did, 10 minutes later, and I bawled my eyes out on the phone to him and told him what happened. He was able to calm me down, but I was still very scared and confused.

The next day I went searching for some history about where we lived. I could not find anything on the apartment complex, however, I did find out that five miles from where we lived was the battle of Kempsville. The apartment complex that we lived in was only 30 years old, which made me wonder if there was something else standing there before it was turned into our apartment complex.

I don't have any answers about what happened to me. I don't know if I ever will. Thank you so much for reading my story and listening to me.

Kaye Freehling, VA, USA
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