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Nighttime Dread

WA, Australia
December 2000

This experience I had seven years ago I have only related to my husband and two other people. It was the most horrifying moment of my life and I am actually shaking now as I type this.

My husband and I had bought a early 1900's house in a small country town in Western Australia. We had been living there for a year when I had this horrible experience. I can't say if it had anything to do with the house. Although I had always felt uncomfortable being left on my own at home, nothing disturbing had ever happened until this one night.

We had been in bed for some time, both of us sound asleep when I felt myself gradually awaking. I had the strangest feeling of constriction around my neck. It was like a rope feeling, very tight. There was no other sensation. No physical feeling of actual rope, string etc. I remember I had the thoughts of I'm going to stop breathing soon. I felt terrified and hopeless. Then in an instant there was an incredible clap. I do not know how else to describe that noise. Then that choking feeling instantly went and I felt totally at peace. The feeling of peace seemed to fill the entire bedroom. It almost felt solid like mist.

Once all this had passed I was wide awake. I glanced around the bedroom but there was nothing or no one. My husband was still sound asleep next to me, snoring soundly.

For many nights after this I was terrified of sleeping but it never happened again. I know there was some sort of presence with me that night but I don't think I will ever be able to explain it.

WA, Australia
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