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No Batteries

January 2003

After putting up Christmas decorations this year (the day after thanksgiving because the kids were very excited) we started noting some strange happenings.We had some odd things in photos, orbs and such hovering around my children, especially my daughter; before this but we got a little more active when all of the deco went up.

About 3 weeks before Christmas I was up late with one of the kids, it was around 130 AM before I made it to bed. I laid there trying to get to sleep for about 45 minutes when I heard a tiny click. I thought nothing of it. Maybe it was one of the hamsters or something. A few seconds later Christmas carols began playing at full volume.

I knew immediately it was the Santa Claus figure we had set up. I got out of bed and went out into the living room to turn it off, did so noting that my son was sound asleep on the couch and had not moved, and headed back to bed. I stopped about halfway there and turned around to check it again. I knew it had been on and I KNOW I turned it off. Opening the battery door confirmed my thought, I had removed the batteries because the kids had been turning it on constantly and it plays the same six carols and eventually got on my nerves.

The batteries still sat on top of the fridge where I had set them a week before. I do have a photo of my daughter that turned out rather well, and another two where something was caught in motion. It's exciting, but kinda scary at the same time.

My oldest has begun telling us he's afraid to sleep in his room because the spirits are talking to him. No one has been hurt and other than photos and the Santa nothing has happened. After we put all of the Christmas decorations away things have considerably calmed down. I do belive however that I have a ghost.

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