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No Rational Explanation For This One

January 2003

I have been very interested in this site for a long time, but I just hadn't had anything to write about myself, until this unexplainable event took place, that is.

One day at school, I was changing for gym class, and one of my semi-expensive earrings became loose and fell off. I heard the front and back pieces both hit the ground, so I felt around on the floor, hoping to recover it. I managed to find the stone, but the backing had bounced under the row of lockers and out of sight. I decided to just forget about it and go to class. I could buy another piece later.

The next day, I got up, took a shower, and returned to my bedroom. Once I put on my glasses, I looked around the room as I always do, and I noticed a small, gold, shiny object in the direct center of the room. Wondering what it was, I went over to get a better look. To my shock, it was an earring back. I tried to think rationally, so I went to the pocket of the pants I had worn the previous day, where I had put my two fronts and the one back. All of the pieces were there. I closely inspected what I picked up off of the floor, and it was a match to the other back. It didn't make sense then, and it doesn't now either. How could the earring back end up in the middle of my floor when I heard BOTH pieces fall and hit the floor, and I didn't step on the earring piece when I got out of bed (by all probability I should have, it was in the right place).

I know that was not a scary story, but it sure was unexplainable! I am glad that whoever or whatever it was that picked my piece up from underneath the lockers brought it back to me, though!

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