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Now and Again Unseen Spirit

Rain, NY, USA
May 2012

In the summer of 2011, I was spending the night at my best friend’s house. We had the TV on in the background, talking about random things. Her parents and sisters were at the grocery store. The front door kept opening-very slowly may I add. We brushed it off as forgetting to make sure the door was locked. Unfortunately, when we checked the door it was locked and the screen door was too. It happened a total of fifteen times. At this point we became irritated and decided to inspect around the outside of her house. The car was gone from the driveway and no one was around.

Another incident happened about four weeks after that. We were upstairs in her older sister’s bedroom, looking over several articles about the paranormal. We decided to go downstairs and get something to eat. Passing the guest bedroom, Araceli ran over to me. She told me that a hand had touched her shoulder. Hurrying down the stairs, we both halted. In her father’s bedroom was a shadow. It turned and the eyes were glowing red, whilst the claws outstretched and moaned, "Help me." terrified, we ran into the kitchen. Her family was yet again, not anywhere inside or near the house.

The last incident at her house was another freaky experience. Even after experiencing the paranormal, we decided to use an Ouija board. A stupid mistake? Yes.

We were in her bedroom setting the board up. We gathered crosses and said a prayer. I don’t think it helped, because I’m an Athiest...we began asking questions about the spirit. Araceli was getting freaked out, because I had asked when we were going to die and personal questions I didn’t even know about her. She immediately left, fleeing into the bathroom. I decided to keep communicating. I asked if the entity liked Araceli, and it answered with a no. I wanted to see for myself, so I asked her to come back into the room. My head started hurting, like a heavy pressure was weighing down on it. I asked her to come back inside a few more times and yet again, the pressure reappeared. Being my curious and paranormal loving self, I asked for proof of it’s existence. I removed my finger and the penny inched toward the three. I ended the session, dragging Araceli downstairs and out to the back patio. Again, her family wasn’t around.

We were talking, acting like none of that happened. When all of the sudden, I heard an inhuman, glass shattering scream directly in my ear. I jumped up and had Araceli sit in my seat. She didn’t hear anything like that-proving it wasn’t the baseball players, in the field behind her house. My ear hurt for two hours after that. Her house has been blessed fifteen times!

A month later, the experiences stopped altogether. When school started back up, they reappeared. The first experience was when I was lying wide awake in bed. My eyes were closed, though. I felt a brush of coldness along my neck, which swept my hair from it. I sat up and watched a white figure disappear into my bathroom. I noticed my door wide awake, remembering how my Dad had shut it before he went to bed. I was kind of scared to close it, so I slept under my blanket that night.

The second experience happened at school. I was sitting in ELA class, when my chair was kicked from behind. I just blamed it on my friend, Alonnie, who sits behind me. I turned around to make sure, but no one was there. I then asked Marcus and he said he didn’t do it. Emily said the same and Jacob, who sits in front of me, felt my desk hit the back of his chair. So, that ruled out the fact not only had it been directly from behind, but the desk definitely moved.

The third experience was yesterday. I was taking my dogs for a walk and my parents were with me. About a ten minute walk from home, I heard rustling and feet slapping against pavement, from behind but off to the side of me. My parents were a good fifteen feet away and I fast walked to catch up. My mom had a pair of bags in her hand that crunched when she walked, so I decided to let it go. I then heard the same sound, except the bags were crunching at the same time-the sounds were totally different from eachother. I glanced back several times, not seeing anything and the rustling and feet movements stopped. I started walking and heard the "feet" pick up speed and I started panicking. My parents didn’t seem to notice, neither did my dogs. Even though they can sense even a pin dropping. So, I don’t know if it’s the spirit I let out of the board or my own paranoia making these up.

Rain, NY, USA
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