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Odd Encounters

May 2006

This is my absolute favorite site for stories about the supernatural. I am relieved to know that others are out there sharing the same.

I am pretty sensitive to spirits. I can usually get a name or even have a brief conversation with them. I do not always believe what they tell me. My grandmother died on Martin Luther King day about 14 years ago. She was really awesome and loved to interact with all her grandchildren. The most familiar thing about my grandmother is the way she smelled. She had a favorite perfume and I absolutely loved the way she smelled.

One afternoon about five months after she died, I was upstairs at my mother's house messing around on her computer and I could smell my grandmother's perfume. I was so angry, I went downstairs crying and asked who was wearing her perfume. My parents were standing in the doorway and my mom started crying. She told me they had just been talking about her and reminiscing but no one was wearing her perfume. I am sure she came back to visit.

My other story is not about death, but actually about our living spirits.

My son and I have a connection. He has been finishing my sentences since he was two. When he was a child he would read my mind and continue my thoughts as though they were spoken out loud. He would be able to see my thoughts and even ask questions about people I was thinking about. One time I was thinking about a friend and he had never met him. He looked at me and said, "Ben, mom?" Ben looks like the friend I was thinking about, so I corrected him and said, no, "John Wolfe, honey." Another time after his dad and I split up, he was at his dad's house. I was sitting in my room and I heard his voice cry out loud "MOM!" My blood ran cold. I could tell he was very upset. I called out to the empty room and I said, "I am home, honey. If you need me, ask your dad if you can call me." An hour later, he called me crying. He was having some issue with his dad. I just think it is cool that we can all be so connected to our families, alive or dead.

I currently share my home with a couple of spirits. One is a girl named Jeanette, the other is an angry spirit who stays in the basement but chases my children up the stairs. They hate it down there and always take the dog with them. I can feel it, but I try not to give in to the pressure it puts on me to be afraid. I think fear is all that it has.

One time I felt an angry spirit rush me and go right through me. That was so unpleasant! I hope that never happens again...cold and angry. There was one night when I woke up and smelled vomit covered by that sawdust stuff they used to use when I was in grade school by janitors. Anyone know that smell?? It was such a bizarre phantom smell. I got up and looked all over the house for dog vomit or something because it was so strong. It eventually faded and went away. Another time, a Sunday morning, a perfume smell passed through my room...unfamiliar to me. My dog freaked out and jumped on my bed. I felt like some old lady had just walked through for a visit.


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