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One Last Call

Sarah, FL, USA
July 2004

Hey there! My story is long but, just bare with me and you'll make it through.

My story is about my best friend that died May 22nd 2003. He was 17 and a Junior at the high school that I graduated from in 2002. My friend Jeremy was a wonderful person. He always made me laugh and was there for me whenever I called. Our friendship was a short one but it seemed like I knew him forever.

Jeremy was 6'2 and 350 pounds! He played football for my school and I never missed a game as long as he was playing in it. I went to his first and only Prom and homecoming because no girls wanted to go with him because he was "big". I was proud to be his only female friend because I knew the person inside. It still really hurts to talk about what happened to him that ended our friendship so abruptly but talking about the experiences I have had seem to ease the pain.

Jeremy loved sport bikes and wanted to own one so his father bought one for him in March of 2003. It was a 2003 GSXR 600 blue and white. He loved that bike and always wanted me on the back of it but I always had a bad feeling about him having it. Well needless to say I rode on back 2 times. I always told him he should get rid of it because it was dangerous and I had a bad feeling about him on it. He always assured me he would be ok and drive carefully.

It was Tuesday he 21st of May and we had a tradition every Tuesday, we would get together and go out for dinner or order pizza and watch a movie at my apartment. Well that particular night happened to be the last night I would ever see him again. We were eating pizza and watching Dumbo (one of his favs) and talking about what he wanted to do when he graduated high school. Well, the movie ended and he had to go home because he had o go to school in the morning so I said bye and asked him to be careful and get rid of that bike, he just laughed and said never he loved it too much and walked out the door.

The next day he got out of school early and was going swimming with some of his friends when he wrecked his bike. His friends said he "high sided" which means he took a turn a little to fast and braked through it and lost control and his bike flipped 3 times before he was ejected he hit a utility pole and died instantly. His parents never knew he had a spine condition but I did. The Dr. told him if he got hit hard enough in the back he would break his spine and die. Well as fate has it that is what happened to him. He didn't feel anything from what the Dr. said so I was happy to know he was not in pain.

He died at 12:32 P.M. on May 22nd, 2003. The strange thing about the time is, (this is very important to remember later) on my phone he called me at 12:39 P.M. but I couldn't answer my phone because I was at work. Jeremy never liked leaving me messages but this time he did. He told me that "he got my necklace and earrings in that he ordered from India for me to wear for prom and that he wanted to hang out later and give them to me". he also said "he is ok.Ididnt know he wrecked until 6:30 that night and when I found out I showed his parents his cell phone number on my phone and let them listen to the message that he left me. That night the Officer who responded to the call came to his parents house and gave them what they could find from the wreck. His parents were given his sunglasses, his cell phone in pieces, his back pack, and the necklace and earrings he bought for me.

His parents handed me the earrings and necklace and said it was for me and that he would want me to have it. My life fell apart when he died. He was a good person who had a good heart and wanted to make everyone happy. I will never forget him and I can still feel him around me when I have a rough time. They are right about friendships lasting forever!

Thank you for reading my story.

Sarah, FL, USA
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