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One Last Ride (2)

November 2000

Okay I am not very good at story telling, so if you all understand this, awesome.
This is a story that happened to me in 1994. So here is my story/experience (this story is very wierd but it sure as hell happened, and it is long).

It was the summer before my freshman year in High School, my best friend (I am calling her B) was on vacation with her dad and soon to be step mom. Well Colorado was a long way away from me, so I had to grin and bear it through the first summer without my best friend. My mom and dad had previously told me the year of 8th grade that if I did well in school they would make a goal for me and I could recieve it at the end of the year, of course me being a girl I wanted a horse. (This goes with the story:-)

So I accomplished my goal and recieved my horse, Charlie. He was awesome, but recently passed on.

Well the whole summer I was without my best friend and the summer was soon drawing to a close, and I couldn't wait to show her my new horse. B loves horses. Then the day that I wish never happened, the kind of day that makes the rest of your life different, happened.

I was watching TV with my mom and brother on a sunny afternoon, when I got the phone call, on August 15, 1994 my best friend died in a car accident, with her surviving dad and his girlfriend. I coulnd't believe it, my best friend was gone. All I could think about was, nothing, I was too shocked, I couldn't even cry. Well the weeks went by and I tried to focus on school, and my horse, but nothing was the same, a part of me had died. Well to make this story shorter, one night after a day at the barn I was so exhausted that I fell into such a deep sleep. Well it wasn't long untill I was woken up, and I woke up in my horses stall, with my horse and B. I was so excited and happy to see her, but I don't remember even thinking she was dead, or for that matter that I was supposed to be in bed asleep!

I was acting like it was another day with B. So I started talking to her about Charlie, and she wanted to go for a ride, so we took charlie out in the arena in the barn. (Now mind you the halter was on the hook of the stall door when I left the barn that day, and all his blankets where on him.) We talked about other things, nothing about her death or anything connected with that, it was all about how are you and what did you do all summer...stuff about living, and it was SO real. Well then she said she had to go and I hugged her goodbye, then I woke up, half drowsy, but then I was like "what the hell just happened??" I was in my bed in my house, where was B?? I was so wierded out, but for some reason I was cool about it.

That day after school I always went to my barn to do my horse stuff, and I went to my stall and noone had been there but me since the night before, except for when the horses get fed. But there on the upper hook by the stall door was my halter! I stood back and noticed charlies blankets were off too!! This was too wierd but I was for some reason very happy, my best pal just wanted one last ride with her best friend.

I know this story may seem a little weird and jacked up, but I know it was B, and I am so happy I experienced her visit. Thanks so much for reading.

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