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One Way Bridge

Julie W, NY, USA
October 2004

This is a story that I feel I should share; let me start of by saying upstate New York is where I live, and there is nothing here. It's not a very exciting place, but its' home. Pittsford is a very historical town, it's been around for centuries, Almost everything here has a story, or two. Anyway there is the place called Bushnell's Basin, it has local fast food restaurants and an ice cream place that are landmarks in Pittsford. Also the canal (as we know it, but it's the Eerie Canal to others) runs past it. Above the canal there is a one way bridge, but not many people know how old it is, and that it is only a one way bridge.

It was a cold December night in 1983, everyone will remember that date in history. It was almost Christmas, the 20th. There was this man, George who had a wife, Samantha, and three kids. His wife was always involved in the community, and always helping people and our beautiful town of Pittsford. He was owner of his own company, and a wealthy normal Pittsfordian man. There kids were perfect, never in trouble or anything, you could call them the brady bunch.

Well, truth be told they were very unhappy people, and were all hiding there insecurities and problems. George was apparently in debt, and his wife Samantha, had drinking problems for the past two years.

One year, one of there kids had been near the canal and had fallen in, he was two years old at the time and drowned. They were so heart broken and beside themselves, but as they had done it before they hid their true emotions and acted like it was a terrible tragedy (which of course it was) but, only continued to keep going on with there lives.

Shortly after that, rumors began to circulate about the Mackenzies, and it all began to come out. So on one hopelessly lonely night Samantha Mackenzie drove out one night to go drinking, she was drunk when she drove off, at about 2 o'clock in the morning her world came crashing down. She was a driving on the one way bridge and there was another car, and they hit. Samantha died instantaneously. Her spinal cord broke, and she gashed her head. When George Mackenzie found out that the love of his life was dead, he fell into a deep depression, one that he could not get out of. He stayed in his house and refused to talk to anyone for months. One day, he decided to go off the side of the bridge, and drowned. He was so broken hearted, he committed suicide. His two kids were taken under custody of the state, and were placed in foster home after foster home, and both did drugs as adults and died at early ages, one 23 and one 21. They still say, that when you go over the bridge, you can hear the soft crying of Samantha and the smell of booze. As for her husband he haunts the town like he still runs his company, and lives in the town.

One night,a couple months ago I was driving through on the bridge and I saw a man, he was in a suit, and was crying softly. I stopped I was so shocked. I almost got out of my car, I was so frightened. "This guy is going to jump!" I thought to myself. He looked at me, and then all of a sudden he disappeared into thin air as I saw him fall.

Many people in my town have had experiences, mine is one of the lighter experiences. This town is haunted of the poor people who once lived here.

Julie W, NY, USA
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