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Ouija Board Ape

November 2005

I relate this story on behalf of my mother, who I thought told me it to scare me off Ouija boards, how wrong I was.

Glasgow, 1968, my mother and her friend Marilyn would get together on a Friday night while the men were at the pub. All was quite innocent until one of the ladies suggested having a séance with a Ouija board, just for a laugh of course! This went on for a few weeks with an amount of success, but both women felt they were having each other on.

One Friday night as normal the men went out and the women got out a glass and some paper letters of the alphabet. The séance started as the normal "is there anyone there?" type thing. After a short while the Ouija responded with "yes."
"what is your name?" asked my mother. To which the glass moved and spelled out the name Zacharia Papa. Curious by this random name Marilyn asked, "where are you from?" The glass moved to spell out Poland.
At this point both women were still thinking that they were winding each other up, so they continued.
"Why have you come to us tonight?" asked my mother. The glass moved to explain that Zacharia was a soldier who had been killed during a war and was searching to make contact with his sister, who apparently stayed in the Glasgow area. Both women at this point were starting to feel a bit pensive about continuing but for some reason they had to ask some more. My mother asked the question, "Were you reincarnated?" to which the glass spelled out Y-E-S. They both stopped for a while then my mother spoke again, "what were you re-incarnated as?" once again the glass moved and spelled out A-P-E. Both women took their fingers off the glass in shock. They sat for a few minutes then decided to ask some more questions. Just as they placed their fingers back on the glass they heard a beastly growling, snarling noise moving down the hallway. They removed their fingers and the noise stopped, again they placed their fingers on the glass and the noise intensified to the point that they felt a beast was outside the door. In terror they both jumped up a cuddled in the corner for a few hours until the men got home. Needless to say the men weren't too happy with what the ladies had been up to and told them to never do it again.

Some days later my mother was looking through the Glasgow phone book when she saw the entry "Papas coffee shop." She phoned up and asked to speak to a woman that the Ouija board had given the name of, "speaking," replied the woman, who then went on to confirm all the details that the board had given. My mother arranged a meeting with this woman but my father caught wind of it and stopped her.

This happened four years before I was born and Marilyn and her husband emigrated to the USA when I was 2. This story was told to me when I was 9, and as I previously said I thought it was made up to scare me from trying to use a Ouija board, it didn't work!

About 10 years ago Marilyn and her hubby were back in the country visiting and came to see my parents. All was going well until Marilyn said, "Oh my god, do you remember Zacharia, that was so scary!" I felt my heart miss a few beats that day!

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