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Ouija Scare

Alanna, USA
September 2007

My friend and I decided to experience a Ouija board that I recently received from a friend of my grandmothers. I've played Ouija before, but something like this had ever happened before.

We went to my basement to try this out. The first couple of times it didn't work.
The first time it worked we contacted a man who was burned in a fire in my hometown. We asked him if he could appear in anyway to us?. We asked him if he could turn off the lights in the room that we were in. We counted to three. The lights flickered. My friend and I got a little scared, and didn't know what to ask next. At that moment the lights turned completely off and it got cold. We got extremely scared after that because the pointer on the Ouija board started moving in circles quite rapidly. I asked her, "are you moving it?" she replied "no, I thought you were" (I've heard that you are not supposed to break contact with them, unless you say goodbye, otherwise the spirits would stick around), so I didn't lift my hands from it.
We heard some loud banging coming from upstairs when the pointer finally stopped. We were all alone in the house at the time, and I thought maybe it could have been my father. My friend asked the Ouija board, "what's that sound?" the board spelled out "m.e". At this point we got really scared. We heard footsteps coming down the stairs to the basement and the door slammed shut behind them. We asked if we could say goodbye and quit.

After that I didn't play Ouija for a long time. And ever since that, strange things have been going on in my house. Such as, lights turning on and off, my TV in my room turns off if I'm watching it too late. My stereo will turn on and off and i've seen some strange shadows in my living room.

Alanna, USA
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