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Our Creepy New House

Leah, Louisiana, USA
August 2003

My name is Leia and my husband and I bought a house about a year ago.

From the moment I first stepped into the house I felt strange but I dismissed the feeling and decided to buy the house anyway.

Strange things started happening in the house right after I had my second child. We didn't have a bedroom for my newborn yet so I put his crib in the living room and he slept in there. From my bedroom I can see straight into the living room and see my son's crib. Now one night I awoke from sleep and saw a figure of a man standing in front of my son's crib and the figure paced back and forth in front of the crib. I thought that someone had broken into my house and was trying to kidnap my son. Without thinking or waking up my husband I ran down the hallway to the living room, but when I got there there was no one there. I was a bit confused so I went back ot bed. I told my husband but he didn't believe me.

On other occasions after this I would wake up in the middle of the night and see strange little glowing green balls floating in the hallway. Then sometimes, late at night, I would hear whispers and voices mumbling. I kept telling my husband about these things but he still didn't believe me until he saw something for himself. He said he saw a strange black floating mass in the hallway one night and he actually walked right through it. When he walked through it a big gust of cold air hit him. Once he saw that he knew that the house was haunted but he didn't want to tell me because he knew I would freak out and be too afraid to stay at home alone. So he said nothing until my daughter started waking up every night at the same time every night screaming bloody murder like someone was trying to hurt her.

These were not ordinary cries these were blood curdling screams. My husband would go into her room to try and calm her down but it was impossible she still kept screaming and staring at the closet. She did this for months. My husband said every time he responded to her screams he would find her in the closet or staring at the closet like something was there.

One morning I went into my daughters room to get her up and dressed. As I was dressing her she started pointing at the wall and saying "Look mommy Look the lady." She kept saying over and over again and pointing. But there was nothing there. I told my husband and he became very concerned and he felt he had to tell me that he knew the house was haunted, but now he felt that something had to be done? But what? We had no idea what to do and the longer we did nothing about it the more things would start to happen in the house.

The lights started to flicker on and off, the TV would turn on and off by itself so would the microwave and the computer and certain toys. I became more and more frightened and I finally told my husband that I wanted to move out. He said he had wanted to move as well but there was no way we could afford to move at that time. But what could we do?

I knew if I told anyone about this they would not believe me or would think I was crazy. I tried to tell my parents but as I expected they did not believe and told me that it was my overactive imagination. But they suggested that I anoint the doorways with oil and pray if I felt uneasy. But I felt that would not work.

The house seemed like it needed an exorcist. My uncle said he had dealt with things like this before and agreed to come over and pray and bless our house. But at the last minute he backed out and started making excuses not to come over. So I said enough is enough. This is my house and I am not moving and I am not living in fear anymore so I prayed like my parents told me to do and the disturbances in the house seemed to have gone away, but sometimes I still feel a little afraid that it will come back.

I was told that an old lady used to sleep in my daughter's room. But I was told that she died in the nursing home. The previous owners swear that no one died in the house. So I am confused as to why this happened and I wonder do you think they could have lied about just so we would buy the house? I would like your opinions on this if anyone wants to write me.

Leah, Louisiana, USA
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