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Our Dog Patience/His Arms Drove the Car

Michigan, USA
November 1998

Iwas driving to my moms house one afternoon, and as I was about to turn onto the usual street...I heard a voice say go right, and as I did complaining to myself, I again heard the voice say go left...then again go about one mile out of my way...I saw a lost dog in the street...I immediately stopped the car and after some bidding the dog came with me...I took my time to check with the neighbors...they all said the dog had been in the street for about four days...Strange that earlier in the day I had been praying for a friend for my Mom....and felt this was the answered prayer...As it turned out this little lost dog and my Mom became the best of friends for the next five years...She named him Patience and told him that if he would be patient we would try to find his home. No one ever claimed him. He was truly an angel...and always stayed at my Moms side until his death in 1997

His Arms Drove the Car

It was after midnight early summer 1998... I was driving home after having dinner in downtown Detroit with my best friend Becky. I usually stay just ahead of heavy traffic...but on this night I found myself drifting in and out of thoughts of my deceased boyfriend Sam. I remember looking into the rear view mirror and a horrible feeling of cold and fear came over me as it seemed I was all alone on that stretch of 1-75. A few moments later I noticed a car following along side of my I looked over the young man with dark hair also looked at me and the hair raised up on the back of my neck and I also was frozen in fear as I quickly looked back...the driver of the car now had a very cruel look on his face of utter enjoyment as he had a pistol pointed directly on me. In the next instant I could see and feel Sams arms around me and his hands on the steering wheel, simultaneously his feet on the gas pedal which was floored. I was still frozen in fear and my car speed down 1-75 at about 90 miles an hour. The other car chased me. My vision of my boyfriend then turned the wheel of the car so that I crossed all 3 lanes and moved me off of the exit to safety, the other car with the gun man missed the exit. There was no way a human could have driven in that manner without turning or rolling my car (a Pontiac Sunbird) over. I always wondered if he, Sam, truly loved me - and that night...I knew.

Michigan, USA
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