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Our First Apartment

June 2002

When I was 18 I moved out on my own with my sister, Shelly an my best friend, Laura. Many things happened to me in our first apartment. I believe that most of the incidences were either my Grandmother or Grandfather, both had passed away within the last four years.

The first incident that I remember happened one morning. Shelly and I shared a room. She got up early and went to work in the morning. Laura came in a few hours later and was getting ready for work in front of the vanity in my room. The vanity area was to the left of my bed, about 4 feet. Since Laura had turned on the lights I put the blankets over my head and tried to go back to sleep. I was half asleep and could still hear her getting ready. I felt her sit down on the bed, I was still half awake. I figured she had sat down to put on her shoes and I almost took the sheets down to talk to her but decided not to and drifted back off to sleep. Later on that night when we were talking I asked her if she had sat down on my bed that morning. She told me that she hadn't sat down on my bed at all and I could tell by the look on her face that she had no idea what I was talking about. Since Shelly had already gone and there was no one else in the house I figured it must have been a spirit. I'm sure that it was probably my Grandma or Grandpa checking up on me or something, or at least I hope it was. Boy was I glad I didn't take down those sheets.

A few months later something else happened that was strange. Laura was on her way out to the store and went to get her keys. They were not where she put them. We started searching. We searched through the whole downstairs and then went upstairs to her bedroom. She did a complete search and I searched after her, through her drawers and her bed, sheets and all. After almost an hour I was sure our spirit had taken them so I stood in the middle of our upstairs hallway and said to no one in particular "Please, if you took the keys give them back". Laura who is a non- believer kind of scoffed at me but by now was almost ready to try anything. After I said this I got a weird feeling and walked directly over to her bed lifted the blanket and there sat her keys, plain as day. We had both checked the whole bed several times. I think Laura changed her mind about ghosts that day.

This happened almost a year after we moved in. I have always been able to crochet, since I was about 9. My Aunt taught me and my Grandma had taught her. I found out that one of my friends was going to have a baby and I went to the store and picked out some beautiful colors, mostly purples and blues and started to make her a blanket. A couple weeks into the pregnancy she lost the baby. I wondered what I was going to do with the half-made baby blanket. The next day my Mom called me and told me that one of my Aunts was pregnant, which was really unusual because she was in her 40's. I decided to continue making the blanket for her. Over the next few months I worked on it and prepared to go to NJ to give it to her personally. One night I was about to finish the blanket when two of our guy friends stopped over. Everyone went into the living room and sat down on the couches and started talking. I sat in front of everyone and continued working on my blanket since I was determined to finish it that night. I had my back to Shelly, Laura and the two guys. I was making the very last stitch and pulled it into a knot and I felt this hand on top of my head. I was very startled since I was concentrating hard on the blanket and I jumped, letting out a small gasp. I thought that one of the guys had come behind me on their way to the kitchen or bathroom and had stopped to watch me work, putting their hand on my head as it was a rather large hand and one of my friends was a big guy. I turned around expecting to see him standing right behind me and was very startled to see that everyone was still sitting in the exact same positions as they were a few minutes before and still talking. They hadn't noticed a thing. I was under the impression that it was my grandmother visiting me but the fact that the hand felt very large kind of throws me for a loop, she didn't have large hands. I think that it could have been my Grandfather coming to see the blanket I had made for their unborn grandchild. It just so happens that when I did get to NJ to give the blanket to my Aunt, I had unknowingly picked the exact colors that they had painted the baby room. Also the baby turned out to be a girl and my Aunt named her Julia, after my Grandmother. Coincidence? I know deep down that my Grandparents had something to do with everything, maybe one or maybe both.

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