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Our Halloween Party

Anonymous, UK
November 2010

It was two days before Halloween and my fiance’s birthday, so we decided to have a party. When we were all getting ready, then we hear a knock at the door, we all think its trick or treaters. My fiance’s mum answered the door but there wasn’t anyone there, so we all laughed and thought it was someone playing a trick as it was nearly Halloween.

At 7:30 we had finished getting ready and were going downstairs to enjoy the party. About 10 minutes later the guests started arriving, we were all drinking and dancing and by about 8:45 all the guests were here.

There was another knock at the door, so one of our friends grabbed the sweets to give to the trick or treaters but again there was no one there. All of a sudden we hear a big thud by the front door, our friend was lying on the floor and the sweets were all over the floor. We all rushed over to see if he was okay and luckily he was, so we asked him what had happened and he explained that a big gust of wind came through the door and pushed the bowl out of his hands and pushed him over. By this time most of us were drunk anyway so we didn’t think anything of it.

The next morning we all woke up and everything was fine, we said goodbye to everyone and tidied up the house. That night my fiance, his family and I were planning on having a spooky night in to get into the Halloween mood, so we watched horror films and played games. Then it came to the Ouija board and we had all done this before and haven’t found anything, but this night was very different.

We began by asking "Is there anyone there?" No answer. We asked all sorts of questions like, "What is your name?" "Can you move something?" and so on but nothing happened. I should mention now that I was pregnant at the time and was having really bad pains and when we decided to pack up the game the baby started kicking. I said something like, "OW why are you hurting me so much?"

That was when the spirit started talking, the cup moved to "J" then "U" then "S" then "T" then "R" then "E" then "L" then "A" then "X". This really freaked us out because that is what everyone had been saying to me all day. After this happened I would feel someone rubbing my stomach in the night and I would feel the pain go away almost instantly after it came and when she was finally born the presents of that helpful spirit went away.

To this day i have not seen or heard anything else of this spirit and i still have no idea why it had chosen me and how it had the power to soothe me but i thank this spirit. I hoped you enjoyed my personal story.

Anonymous, UK
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